This is an unprofessional Collection cite. That wishes for Speech and Debate with Regards to the topics collected and Special Libraried. I wish for defense of Fair Use Doctrine, not for profit, educational collection. Along with the defense of polemic expression for purpose of creating a dominate point of argumentation. "

Thus, we consider this case against the background of a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials." NEW YORK TIMES CO. V. SULLIVAN, 376 U. S. 254, 270 (1964). I fully believe to be as true as possible for a citizen working an espionage case to be as true to the good name of characters attacked on this cite as defined under acts of espionage. In which their actions supported a foreign country and place the US under ill will and determent as per their actions. These are my opinions based as reasonable to be stated as true in good faith towards reality of espionage activity. With very fair comments with regards to our biggest public interest. I have checked many cites and read many books. To create my opinions and areas of need for further research. I have created my reasoning based on algorithmic economic espionage coding, based on Dr. Nashe's theories of foreign actors using social algorithmic style codes to obtain desires to hurt the USA. My example, I fear is the best example. Is the two characters I have pin pointed for treason of espionage. Which is Dr. Locke and Dr. Van Jones. Both at which had and where able to take the US's newest and highest form of energy. Where instead of helping and creating strength in the US with production and growth. They leaked 80% of our green tech stimulus. Which can be defined under espionage activity, as per my unprofessional opinion of reading espionage cases, with regards to high treason and industrial espionage. Where there is no defense of political view point. As the US is now suffered great irreparable damage. As our green technological industries are not even in a normal US leadership role. Along with the loss of major surplus of manufacturing which leads to the skills needed to find defenses and ideas against to detect and deter green tech weaponization. Which is analogous to the nuclear and physics highest form of energy in the 50's.

Therefore, "The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"
Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

I am not an anti communist. I am against a governments Economic Espionage Unit funding genocide an terrorism. Instead of trying to stop it. Also this is not an isolationist website. It is a competitive website. Currently the Communist own monopolies on full industries and the root supply chain which is resources. I am trying to get us to compete with them so we can build more market places. In which will slow or stop terrorism, as folks have jobs and something to do. Instead of one country is the world's police force spending all of its people's taxes on fear. While one is the worlds production monopoly.

I mean no ill will to Communist China. I do not wish to hurt their people. I aim to protect my people from an ancient evil of single tribal oppressive leadership. While helping the world compete better be spreading a major monopolized, militarized economy spread their power and wealth via Democracy and Free markets. I have had my life threatened and two attempts on my life already for my actions. Which you ain't seen nothing yet.

You read this cite and trust me baby you can do anything. Read this before a date and you a hero, read a passage before a test and you will pass. That is what they call Illuminati, picked for the ability to move mountains, and do anything.

If you have any concerns or statements about copy right infringement you think is not research. Please contact me at

US Copy Right Office Fair Use doctrine. Special Libary community common law, and Speech and Debate Congressional research civilian assistant. All legal defenses to copy right infringement.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

CCP and MSS are Done Three Key players.

If anyone of them have admitted to wishing for the destruction of the Unite States in a surely and very serious meaning. Then taken the necessary actions to destroy an economic foundation of an industrial production. Which is the bases of this new order's defenses system. Then I can see where immanent danger as a red line was passed.

I currently have never stated I want to destroy this country. I debated a case, where we complete  took out the logical algorithm of leadership because they became tyrannical. In which I defined as complete utter genocidal actions, oppression of rights so far as to enslavement, along with a myriad of other extremes that anyone would say yes the government needs to be replaced.

However, in my day to day life or even meanings of my souls. I have never wanted to destroy my government. As a matter of fact I believe in my heart that Democracy is the only form of government that a human genome with our specific intelligence coding can have.

Rider I

I can understand the CCP and MSS's belief that I am an espionage agent. However, I am not. I am a citizen. Yet, safe in my papers and beings as I love my country to the core. Along with if I ever traveled to their lands I would expect them to treat me with extreme caution. Even though, I would do nothing but take pictures and try and speak with SASAC defectors. lol he.

CCP and MSS are Done Coding Espionage.

The action of a specific actor in cloak, trying to create an action to affect their target. Which will give their master an upper hand in the relationship.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Definition's

"Cartel 1. A Combination of producers or sellers that join together to control a product's production or price. 2 . An association of firms with common or unfair competition, allocate markets, or share knowledge."
Black Law

"Antitrust law  The body of law designed to protect trade and commerce from restraints, monopolies, price fixing, and price discrimination, Sherman and Clayton"
Black Law

"A posteriori. Inductively; from the particular to the general, or from known effects to their inferred causes"
Black Law

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How Federal Green Technological Weaponization tracing advancement bases can develop our market place.

Currently the US has little to no detection abilities on green technology. This is based on the idea that we still are years off from being able to tell when an earth quake is coming so we can properly remove human beings from the area. I mean the outline is simple enough. We know the code that it takes for nature to create an earthquake. However, there is just no technology to properly trace the creation of the algorithm. This is because the US has not taken the CCP and MSS economic warfare threat seriously.

Economic warfare has been the main reason for the US's advancement. It has been our paranoia of the Communist trying to force us into a monarchist single party style world governance that has drive our innovation for decades. The basic idea that the US would allow a centralized government with massive state owned cold war weapon creep around the world like it has is amazing.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done The reason why at times it has been necessary for the Federal Government to step into Commerce.

The basic idea of national security has been the main reason why the Federal government has been allowed to step into commerce. We saw this in during the cold war. Where root bases where created in a minimal effort. That would create the necessary algorithmic code of spread of free enterprises bases. That would code and create and vastly compete with the Soviets. The idea then was that the area of nuclear and physics was a necessary element of national security. Thus it trumped the free enterprise document that we have in the US.

This is very hard for a free marketeer to deal with. However, when dealing with a country that has already used the green technological weaponizaiton once to gain access to resources via domineering events. I would say the threat is real enough. So much, so that a full report and detail of analogy to the nuclear and physics code,as we did before to stop fascist SOE cartels from hurting little tortoises and sovereign countries, is necessary.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How the US's Federal Physics labs and nuclear labs of old should be the green tech of new.

The problem is that instead of the Conservatives banding together against Communism. Some of them believe that if they allow them to destroy our economy by taking our jobs, via unfair trade that we will win. Which is unconscionable how some of these conservative elders call themselves conservatives. As such, we then see the some of the Democrat's who are also at a loss to the reality of the cold war we are in with the Communist Chinese. They do not think that the Communist Chinese are even communist anymore. Which they are not. They are fascist, just like the Soviets and their SOE cartelling predecessors the German Socialist.  However, they still have the world's biggest single party state owned system cartelled to a single agency, exactly like the Soviets did violating fair competition laws in international markets.

So we see the loss of the basic understanding of our real mastery foe's the Communist Chinese. Therefore, instead of properly placing funds into our old cold war intelligence bases that are just sitting there. Which are needed to do things like trace earth quake's, create cheaper and better energy, and create a major healthy private industrial complex. We go on missing the analogy to the cold war labs we used to stop the Soviets from cartelling the world to their centralized SOE's system. This is the necessary element of defense code. Which is currently being sold off piece by piece. In which our specific funding was also sold off to stop us from competing in high technological defense and production of the new energy sector. As the MSS have specific documents on how the green tech energy is very comparable to the old nuclear and physics labs of the Cold War.

Therefore, we need to write a proper reality of cognition to the matter of state in which we are in. The CCP and MSS are constantly creating government owned high technological and green tech centers. In which the USA, is not even trying to compete and rebut them on. As a matter of fact the majority of the US's funding is going to allow those technologies to go to foreign lands. For example, a specific green technological manufacturing company that received forty five million in US stimulus was allowed to take that money, after we built them a specific base here, then send it all to Communist China. Instead of forcing them to stay home and spend less money by revamping the old nuclear and physics labs and Federal industrial sectors. These activities then  allow the CCP and MSS's State Owned forced joint ventures to gain the experience and advancement that comes with production in that specific area. As it was the US's biggest green tech industrial base for that area.

This is a major lack of code in the US. The idea that the Communist Chinese are not a major cold war threat. In which takes down our guard and allows them to do such things, as centralized the worlds resources. Which is currently to the tune of 97% of the worlds rare earth resources. Which is compared to the cold war days of plutonium. As the green tech weaponization can do such undetectable (thanks to no bases working on detection) things as create earth quakes, Tsumin's and a myriad of other green technological advancements. That come from the tax source of being able to have major green technological jobs. Which is today even more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. As no one can detect it. If the US does not have the production units working away to stay competitive. Then the necessary algorithmic code of production means research, research mean's advancement. Is lost to the Communist Chinese centralized SOE's that violate cartel laws and anti trust laws.

The US basically has a tiny few bases that have come up with nothing compared to the advancements we saw in nuclear and physics advancements during the reality days. The comparable chart of advancement by US industries and defense is nothing cloes to the cold war. However, the MSS, as they have taken our balance of advancement and centralized it to them. Have actually been able to surpass both the Soviet's and US's advancement levels in the green technological industrial areas in comparison to the Cold war nuclear and physics industries.

This then can be traced down to a specific three seats that are allowing this to happen. Which has been the literal biggest baby boy blue hit the US has every seen. The complete loss of the US's green tech stimulus to create production at home. Which production is the main source of advancement. 80% of the stimulus went to foreign lands to stop us from competing with the Communist Chinese in levels of advancement in the new area of defense and offense. To me, the MSS's economic warfare hits have been three fold what Venona was. As they are about to do what the Soviets never could do. Which is invade via their single party fascist controlled State Owned Enterprises. To do what they have done in the international market place. Centralize our resources, jobs and tax bases to their illegal use of cartel's and anti-trust violations in the supply chain.

Rider I

CCP and Mss are Done How to Create a Check and Balance of Intelligence reports that might be infiltrated by foreign agents.

The problem is that foreign espionage units have perfected the infiltration of their agents into the US. As we are not that fascist in this country. Which means that they will not write a report necessarily that is a complete obvious issue. However, they will write reports that slowly erode cognitional defenses to foreign master's of intelligence's offensive maneuvers. Thus, I have tried to device a plan around it via the ancient method of Special Library Collection.

I have a blog post. Which I hope that you use for collection. It is currently been blocked. I hope that it is just under maintenance. However, I do feel bad. As I did send out a lot of emails. However, I my legal and moral thought was this.

  I have read the spam act clause. In which I did send out over 1,000 emails. So i could understand the warning of my cite, or even other areas falling under that act. However, as a special library I believe I fall under the Speech or Debate Clause of the First Amendment. As I am gaining no profit from my special library. Along with that, my speech is not commercial, as it is directed exactly at Legislation which falls under the speech and debate clause. However, as I feel that I should not send out email's anymore. I will shut down the activity of my own emailing. As I can't afford to set new precedent for special libraries that fall under the Fair Use Doctrine to be able to inform the public of major, major events like economic warfare attacks. As such, I would ask, if you can, since I have given over a year of my life to the study, if I can at least be given time to make the cite professional before I am closed out of it. As that is what I was working on today. Taking out all of the nonsensical getting through the study speech.

I will reprimand myself. Even though, I think I have great grounds in a very new and non debated area of internet law.
As I am a citizen congressional aid. In which my cite is wished to be used for specific legislation with regards to the Communist Chinese. I think it would be an interesting case. Of congress is a gathering of leader's and an aide is a helper. Then that is what I would argue. As the cite allows for their own individual leadership decision based on citizen collected information. Without possible CCP and MSS espionage agent infiltration into specific document production areas. As we have seen foreign agencies do before.

Therefore, if my special library studio is not shut down to my access. I would like to professionalize things, so I can leave it be. I need to move on anyways. In which I will no longer wield in under the new precedent I was going to try and create which was the ability of special libraries to use the Fair Use Doctrine, along with the Speech and debate clause to counter possible pin point infiltration into our government writing agencies, via citizen congressional aide.

Rider I

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CCP and MSS are Done How Kissinger's Childhood is exactly like many Chinese minorities childhood.

Before the German Socialist where able to gain massive SOE cartel holdings of international resources in Africa and other parts of the world. The Jewish community was feeling the oppression of the single fascist party. Henry as a little boy used to love to play Volkerball. Which to US children is known as dodge ball. However, he was not able to go out and play in his area where he lived. As the community as a whole was exactly like modern day China. In which the Han Chinese are the dominate race and the minorities in areas are to be oppressed and used as labor. Henry spent most of his time in his room reading. Like a lot of Uighur, Tibetan, and Mongolian children do. As they are to afraid to go outside and play. As the dominate Han Chinese nepotistized by the Communist Chinese might beat them. While the police might be coming to hurt them or force them to stay out of the way of the others.

Henry Kissinger, felt the affects of what a single party fascist regime can do to minorities. He knew and know's well what a party will do when it's State Owned Enterprises gain full monopoly on resources as the German's did and the Communist Chinese have. As he had to watch and hear about the situation as he grew up with regards to his home land. Even though, he did not pay much attention to it. As a growing boy he remembers going back into Germany after the SOE's turned militaristic. In which the German SOE's wanted more than just resource control and wanted single party fascist control. Exactly like we have seen the Communist Chinese do to Mongolia, Tibet and are wishing to do to Taiwan. Henry Kissinger was a proud American who fought and was lead by his elders to fight against Fascist single party SOE resource domination, and oppression of minorities for their resources.

Henry Kissinger is a living example of why Americans do not like single party fascist regimes. Along with State Owned Enterprise cartels that centralized the worlds resources to a single party.

Rider I

They make slaves of our Kind Kissinger. The analogy between, Jew, Druid and Chinese minority are very close, like all single party totalitarian rules do. They play for their own not for the spread of wealth and power to all, like Democracy.

" Always stand in the middle because details are always picked at the end. Always remain inconspicuous beaucse as long as they don't know you, they can't pick on you. So please repress natural tendencies and don't push to the forefront"
Henry Kissinger

There is no patience for them Kissinger. They have shown cognitional psychological perspectives exact to the German socialist party. They will invade the US with their SOE's then down the line want more.

CCP and MSS are Done My Reply to Kissinger's Cognition's

I think Kissinger is wrong. I think that by stating the Communist are the next leader in global economy is like stating the the German's of his time are the next leader in economy. He has forgotten what it is like to be a Jewish child in German. Much like the Buddhist, Uigry's Tibetans, and Mongolians in Communist China have to deal with what he dealt with. What Kissinger see's is a country with the wealth of greed based on SOE resource domination. He is not computing the basic facts of his childhood to see what he is calling the next leader. The Communist Chinese will never be the next leader so long as they act like their SOE dominate counter parts. Kissinger is old. He is playing I want attention card. The Communist Chinese know if they keep him feed they will keep him away from the American youth that need him to stop the Communist Chinese, not empower them. However, it would seem he does not care, and has abandonment us to be overfeed like the other leaders of our time. In their youth they where against Fascism, and genocidal regimes.

I just wish the elder's of his generation where still around to mentor and lead us. Unlike this flock of elders that we see gloating and being over feed to starve the young bucks who want to stop the CCP and MSS world domination via their SOE's. Which the US never did, so they are nothing like the US in any form or fashion.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How Genocide, Cartelling and anti trust violations for resources is not a political activity.

Those are criminal activities, and very illegal. I have received numerous accounts from agencies that say my letter is political and they do not deal with political issues. However, I do not see how genocide, or cartelling of major unfair entities, or centralization of resources is political.

Rider I

CCP and MSS I have received one response from all the letters I have sent out.

I mean it is like nobody cares. That is Democracy for you. Everybody is more worried about their own whims than what is going on in the macro picture. They all think somebody else will do it.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done The inherent problem with the current world's intelligence is a lack of realization.

It is like what J Edgar Hoover said when they where investigating the Soviets. The human consciousness of a Democracy or free market person can't fathom the idea of such a conspiracy. In it's depth of analysis that the Communist is willing to go through to have their country be the centralized point of the world via resources and State Owned Enterprises. It is amazing. How they will sit there day in and day out and prepare codes for foreign countries to be coded for being taken over by their own single party leadership.
Democracy basic weakness is its ability to have its voiced washed. We do not live in a true Democracy like the one I tried to start at my school Which all the Senators voted for. Which is anytime a bill goes out, the specific senator in their area has to send information out to all, so they can vote on what they think. This is a little fascist as there has to be a list o mania. However, in a school where we had their information and the Senate already sent out information to all the students we thought it was a good idea. While the student polls backed it too. As everyone wants to know what is affecting them, not some secret ballot system.
However, we do not do that here. As we have Shepard to make sure such Foreign Officers do not do that. However, there are no Shepards anymore, as the MSS has tried to and pretty done a complete cleansing of the old system of shepardizing rebels like me.

It was actually a polling system. Not a voting system. So the Representative could see between the lines and help make decisions. As computers can be hacked. I even did the legal research to prove that there was no student privacy violation. Which could easily be done by a proper signature at the singing of the school tuition that would state if they would like to be part of their schools political polling system for legislation.

Which I plan on implementing when I take a chair in a political party. As it easily transitions into a new system. Where all those that are already registered are resent the doc's via a one time fee which I would find a way to pay for probable from my own pocket. Which would allow them to place an email on their political registration from so their area's representative could send them an email to poll them.

Just one of my plans. Some others are things like, every single legislation has to include a proper economic plan of how it will be sustained and a proper accounting of historical application and necessary elements of impacts. For example, if I say I would like to create a law that allows folks to be polled by their representative. By merely placing a check box next to their email that they would like to be polled for all legislation or matters for their areas representation. Then I would have to do a full scale economic report, on the matter. This would include hacking defense costs, possible loss of email costs, printing costs, time costs for any necessary elements. Then I would have to fund the project. Which would probable come from a specific area that I was able to create a surplus in economy for. You see that is what the US and other countries have forgotten. Being a leader just does not mean oh I want and they want lets get. No in the old day's the V I kings if they wanted had to afford. Which mean's before you can create a drain legislation on funding. You should have to create a surplus of economic value legislation. In which your area could then legislate. That is another one I would like to create. You may not right unless you have provide for progression of economy in enough for the legislation of the area you want to propose.

Another one I think I would like to do is stop all foreign lobbyist from being able to lobby our leaders. As that makes no sense. How the CCP and MSS have been able to lobby and spend billions on our leaders to move the way they want them too. I mean, personally they are not American's so they should have no sway and if a lobbyist Representative a foreign company comes to door. They should have to be treated as a foreign espionage agent, which is a felony. This whole thing is stupid, any o time has traced tons of lobbyist paid by foreign countries to tell our leaders how they should think. WTF.

For example I have spoke with Non Profits who say my activities are unorthodox. Then I explain to them ever representative in this country is part of the Federal system. As such, as I am dealing with foreign commerce issue which is a federal issue. I can lobby each and every representative. However, I would prefer to be Shepard. So I can gather associations of folks to properly lobby via my help.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done The MSS war room.

The MSS acts exactly like the Soviets did. Which is the specifically fortify espionage units in areas to specifically create social coding. Which is what my grandfather was known for stopping. His friends and intern's called him the algorithmic assassin. Not because he would kill people. However, because he was able to find specific Soviet Espionage agents and before they where stopped he would prove they part in a code.  By showing the complete trace of their activities and then picking out the specific part of a major algorithm that they where apart of. Funnily enough, must of them would give up the other parts of the code as they did not want to leave the US. So well, you know if the information was good and they stopped propagating, a good number hung out.

Their war room looks like a place with city maps. Where specific algorithmic codes for their SOE cartel domination. As the city maps have specific inputs of areas that they need to fulfill for their algorithmic equation to become true. This is something that the MI6 and CIA and other agencies have completely forgotten about. As they look for characters (puppet's) instead of social coding.  As they have not had any war room defectors. So, why the MSS needs a whole new group of espionage schools is beyond me. Except for specific algorithmic actors to implement their necessary social coding that is need to keep allowing them to get away with centralization over 97% of the worlds resources. Along with using such cold war weapons as massive SASAC SOE cartels that where supposed to be minored and then disbanded, except for poverty level shares.

It is is basic, you have to think of the social coding like a war. The Communist do. In Democracy we love freedom so social coding does not come naturally to us. As we just debate and gather information as things pop up then we vote (freedom, not fascism). However, the CCP and MSS think in major long term algorithms. This is very similar to some Soviet War room Dark secret pictures my grandfather had of such physical maps. However, now they are electronics and much faster to update and upload. It is really code I mean, some of the major's who want to defect but can't are really good about information on minor things that the MSS. Why they say thinks they are superior to our intelligence expects us to stumble on. However, the bigger codes would just make them think they had defectors.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done The Foreign Oppression Actors Journal.

A Journal Kept by the Marshallian Economic Institute. Which specific actors and their actions to oppress the US citizen at home. For example specific actors in the SASAC cartel that set out policy for the CCP and MSS that force their SOE's to expand into the US's heart land, for world domination of the centralized single party.

Rider I
You want to know cost big bucks, I  need things. I am very poor.

You must use decoder ring to find the location. That means donation. 

CCP and MSS are Done How does the CCP and MSS cause internal wars inside of the USA.

They create an Identification card that stops tribes from being able to speak their minds and fight through cloaked word. Which then oppress the anger that we have for each other. Thus instead of causing words, then causes physical movements. It is basic oppressional algorithm.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Area's in which CCP and MSS centrally board operated SOE's are allowed in have high level's of Chinese Gang activities.

Which is a primary response to fascist governments and how they operate.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How I do it.

Well I was able to trace MSS agents around my area simply because of the most necessary element of need. The MSS has a need for specific coding of the USA. Which it will implement either bush beating type tactics or simple penetration.

As such the bush beating tactics is easily seen by a cluster of the necessary social code that the MSS needs to get into the US's system so they can dominate the world. Which means, I just pin point specific areas they need to do to keep up with SOE cartel activities and resource hoarding. Then you create a cluster. In that cluster you start tracing finding elements that are not acting in natural acts of the cluster. Which will then give you the foreign espionage agent, or the familiar.

For example my new trace is the Dr. Pepper secret. I know the MSS is working on obtaining it. So I have created a cluster for that matter. However, as no one is paying me I will just watch and send in letters as I think they are moving. However, as I can't operate in person or well paid bread cloaked activity. They will just block my move.

The Penetration one is even easier. However, these games are much longer and usually start out as Lady Pink or Baby Blue type actors. Which means they start off penetration game when they are kids. In which a very slight hand can be seen as they grow to show that they are an actor of such. However, they act as not until they get into the position for a major strike. Specifically the loss of 80% of the US's Green Technological Advancements, and the basic selling off of the Federal Cold War bases that produce radiation production units, of TV's and computers and other things. Instead of filling them up to go against the CCP and MSS's cartel activities three key actors I traced acted out to attack US domestic industry creation and productivity.

These are the two main ones. As the Bush type tactic can get very intricate and the baby boy blues or lady pink units are easily traced also. As their handlers frequently can't help but see them, as it is like their literal child. Then that means a puppet trace has to be done with a proper social psychological identification of tags of one's teacher and mentors. As the child espionage agent grow's up they will never be able to lose certain aspects of the weight on their shoulders that will show their psychological tags towards their handler. Like me and my grandfather, same thing. However, I was meant to open act as a Democracy and free market actor and the MSS agents where meant to secretly hold off until they could majorly strike.

Grandpa said that they Can't trace us Mac's. However, no matter how I never said one word until now about my teachings. I always saw the wolf in the packs trying to tear me down. So I am not able to work and be as powerful as I need to be.

Rider I

Issue Lobby the Patent office to stop MSS forced Joint Venture and stolen Piggy backed Patents from being allowed to be patented.

I also need to write a letter with the Doc, Reas, Chair, along with how the CCP and MSS are forcing countries to give them their tech to do business they using it illegally, to the IP law offices. So I can stop them from patenting the Japanese speed train technology that they forced Japan to give them during a Forced SOE joint venture. Even though their SOE's are supposed to be disbanding. The fact that they are forcing folks to give them their technology, specifically holding down their R&D by forcing it to CCP and MSS and then pigging back it to

Rider I

Basically it is like allowing stolen goods to be sold in the Federal government and protected, along with strong armed technology. 

Issue What is the bush beating towards cognition to soft hand the MSS in our intelligence agencies.

What is the atmosphere in our intelligence agencies, and how does the MSS try and affect the way they are seen by our DIA's. Is their a soft algorythm for lobbying them to write such things, as that is just part of doing business with them. That is a major you are being bullied and you like it algo. Trace theorize. Ok back to tv. I wish she was not hear, however, all work and no socializing makes Ider Ri.

Rider I

Issue How the CCP and MSS Supply Chain cartels affect our food supply.

One is the idea of how the SOE cartel supply chain's are forcing more super market stores to rely on them thus forcing them to become bigger stores to be competitive.

Rider I

Issue History Channel's Report on US crumbling Infrastructure Report directed at MSS and CCP activities.

he US's infrastructure is crumbling. I would like to write a piece on that after watching it. With regards specifically to the CIA, DIA's and the MSS, in mind.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How the CCP and MSS are attacking specific entities in the US.

Currently MSS agents are being trained to use massive amounts of economic warfare algorithms to attack specific patriotic entities inside of the US. Where the MSS will not only do this to the US but to other allies of Democracy and Free markets that stand against their world domination. This is an old KGB tactic. In which one agent is sent in not to try and enter an agency; but to specifically attack in around the bush so as to light the bush on fire and cause it to go up in flames. Currently with the mass drove of MSS espionage bases expanding inside of the CCP. We have no choice but to keep their SOE's out and perform dissection and strategic counter espionage activities against the MSS and it is massive amount of unbalanced expansion of espionage schools.

Rider I

Issue The lost skill of the arts of defense against Communist SOE cartels and the pending invasion of the free markets via the MSS SOE's to centralize our resources and market place to the CCP.

Issue How the CCP allows the MSS to specifically protects Dictators and create's Genocide for resources.

Issue How the US just chasing after puppets forces them not to be able to chase after puppets.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CCP and MSS are Done Baidu allows hate groups cognition's but not mine.

But not rider I

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CCP and MSS are Done The funniest thing about the CCP and MSS

Is that nobody even knows how corrupt their military and police really are. I mean, because reporters have to follow Marxism which means the leaders are always correct, as they know best. They are not checked very well as folks literally still get shot in the head on the streets by lots of gangs and corrupt police.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Of course then again it is the fascist idea that everybody should be like your culture.

Which a lot of very religious folks just think that nobody should be able to see anything except what they think. Which is fascist.

That is why Democracy is so important as it allows for all tribes to be able to come together and battle peacefully without oppression. Without it we get the Soviet Empire or German Socialist Empire and the CCP and MSS.

Rider i

CCP and MSS are Done Just for readers as I posted on a Red state.

I am equal. If I see traces towards either party I will follow the lead. I have no biases except for the USA. I have traced and spoken badly about both sides.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Possible arrest warrant for my blog cite name.

I know dogmatic conservatives. Where if you even say that Jesus was taught by Druids. They will try and arrest you for indecent speech. However, it is logical. I have to ride through a lot of very conservative states. Which I am proud to see, as again, I lean that way. However, they can easily be wielded by the CCP and MSS to attack me via my moderate type speech on this cite.

Rider I 

CCP and MSS are Done Possible trace.

Tennessee I have heard of two major root war's in that area, that are probable just conservative views However, one major leader is allowing for allowing Communist SOE's to take our jobs.  Now another wants to close down cites like mine that are considered indecent by the elitist ruling class of the CCP, and probable the Conservative party. As photo journalism is very important to the cognition and expression.

I have many indecent pictures on this cite. However, I doubt it was a direct attack on my cite. I think it was probable just blow back, and their views. As I am conservative too.

In Some areas protest pictures are indecent, like the CCP and MSS's Marxist school propaganda teaches.

Major and minor, possible cluster.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Husband Wife in leadership could possible destroy Criminal Justice system

Basically here is fictional story.
A leader who is religious and conservative in values. Marries a wife who's genome as a female predominately does not give her the natural hormonic constant need to procreate. As such, the male the leader in this story, finds himself looking at things that make him feel weird. Then his wife finds out. Thus to make his wife feel better, he destroys the whole criminal justice network of detection. Which as many criminal justice scholars will tell you is confession. So then instead of the detectors and watchers being able to know charcaters and plots via images and desires. Now a single family sqabble has taken that ability to stop the destructors from hurting of maming those who just want to be. As the right to photo journalism on the net by freelance and fun time reporters is not allowed.

So instead of using the properly set out and algorythmically set tool which is the encrypted password. We now see a force of the system itself to be disolved. We set up tools to stop that dissolution of detection. There is no need to stop the souls of this world from confessing via their need to show what they have done so we can stop them, hinder them, correct them or detect them.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How the relization that where were at a cold war with the Soviets produce everything you see.

Most of technology is based on radition and its control. From your stove to your car, all the way to projection of light. This was because of the cold war, and the current Federal bases that the US is selling off. Instead of harnessing to fight against the Communist Chinese via production of High Technological green products (which are analogous in this era to the radiation technology of the cold war era). Which is the furture. As the next thing the population wants to do is, control nature.This is currently because of the loss of 80% of the US's green tech stimulus

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Tennessee governor passes law stopping passing of intelligence online via open source.

Instead of doing the adult thing and properly making sure computers have filters for kids and those who are squimish. He makes a vague illegal law stating that all indecent pictures can't be published. However, for a Druid/Christian, who is a cowboy, guts, and death, and mutilated animals and things like that is really not indecent. Stupid law just stops the freedom of press. So he forces his sqimish stomach on everyone because he can't stand to place the pass word protected filter on his computer one. Which I doubt he even know's exists.

Rider I

I mean personally I think a picture of a man being tortured on a cross is pretty indecent as compared to what the Mayor likes to look at on his own time.

I mean most Christian's everyday stare at a dead body being tortured. Which is the reality that the sin's of man are to be seen and not hidden. So that we may deal with them. The Criminal justice perspective of freedom of speech is that, men's rea. Everybody who commits a crime wants to tell somebody. However, if the internet becomes so sanitized that we only have pictures of puppies and one specific tortured human's body, the lords. Well then it makes our jobs a lot harder. So by stopping his own indiscretions, because of his own weakness to filter out his own computer. What he has just done is literally destroy 90% of crime fighting. Which is civilian detection and basic confession.

By weakening the flock you have allowed them to be prepared for the wolf. As the shepard can't see the wolf in the flock if it is forced to be cloaked in its mists.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How the CIA and US China Security Commission leave the US people wanting.

I have seen constantly in the worlds the facts that our federal agencies are not properly showing face at every single move of the MSS and CCP. This is much different from what the the Non Profits against the Soviet fascist world centralization of resources and wealth to their SOE cartels used to do. This is because those commissions write reports on specific matters and are very top heavy. However, a Non Profit moves on its belly. Which means they are usually smaller and can travel much more with their funding. Which means that they can do what Shepard's used to do against the Soviet Union. Which is represent those against the MSS and CCP's movements. For example: A move I would have liked to do to block and or at least enlighten on for proper cognitional recognition in the area. Was when the MSS and CCP where moving in cultural and Communist Party headquarters into Ireland. I would have loved to be there in Ireland. Going around to the people letting them know face to face with the business officers of free enterprises along with leaders of political power. As such, we see they are to top heavy to do such things. Which allows the CCP's smaller espionage units to move on matters that the quiet patriots can't.

Therefore, the matter comes down to the missing algorithm in the defensive chain to stop the MSS and CCP from doing what they have done. Which is use their SOE cartels like the Soviet Union, to do such things as centralize 97% of the worlds rare eath resources. As this allows them to have the worlds supply chain cartels that forces companies to shut down when ever they want; via static economic warfare movement. So with that basic analysis. We see that a proper Non Profit is needed.

This is historical it was done to help stop the German Socialist party from doing this; it was done to stop the Soviets and it is now necessary to be done to stop the CCP and MSS from creating world centralized, subordination power. I have called numerous times into proper leaders and agencies seeking request to start up such things. As they are the ones who know the best on who would benefit and would help me start up such an agency. The MSS and CCP also agree that is their weak point. As they do not allow their citizens to start Non Profits. As such, they are primarily based on their MSS's 2 million or so agents that are specific dedicated to economic warfare. As the CCP and MSS use their military to crack down on dissent. That leaves the MSS to work specifically on which the major number of their agents have degrees in, and are socially coding in; which is, economic warfare.

As such, we see the failure to shepard such things as the Greek's and Ireland's economic warfare attacks and implementation of intelligence bases. As the small I land's are a necessary chain of elements for the Fascist to take over. As we saw the Soviets try and do the same thing. However, before we had non profits to stop them or at least prepare them. As they would enter the I land's and shepardize the ares to stop such chaos ans anger from incurring during times of free market and Democracy debt ceiling attacks. As did the Soviet Union attack during the Lyndon Johnson Administration era (debt ceiling attack).

The logical algorithm would show that they are basically missing the necessary element of open source warfare. Which is Non Profit leadership being able to place a finger on what happened. Currently in both Greece and Ireland nobody has gone in. Therefore no one said there is no reason to get angry or allow the CCP and MSS to shepardize you into a frenzy. As Communist militaristic revolutions like to destroy political  competition. Nobody went in and explained to them how the CCP and MSS acted like the Soviets did during President Lyndon Johnson's office.

It is basic algorithmic equational historical application. Take what we did to the soviets find what is missing, do the math, and you can predict pretty much all of their moves and what is necessary to do. I mean, Larry MacDonald one of my hero's was one of the best well known Non Profit leaders and completely understood economic warfare. He was able to lead full countries just by his presence, going in and stopping such anger in the populace. Simply by properly explaining in open warfare about the Fascist and what they are doing.

The people of the US and the worlds are left wanting by the US's current intelligence administration. In which as before it is time to start up a Non Profit. However, that means I need major backing. I may be your Charlie Wilson type conservative, or your Larry MacDonald type Liberal. But I am that person. I am the Shepard and you are allowing the world to be taken over by allowing me to starve. They are to secretive for public leadership through their quiet patriotism. The CSC is to proper and gentle and top heavy. There needs to be the middle man or women.This is history in the making ladies and Gentlemen and you are all sitting their passively and watching the world be taken over by fascist SOE cartels and a creator of genocidal regimes. Henry Kissinger stated it very well when he stated:"As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see in in practice, you see the difference personalities make."

This is a new era leaders can easily be seen by their projection on the net. There is no bigger a special library than representation for the world than mine. I can specifically break the incidents down to specific characters in historical application based on traces of historical characters in the Soviet fascist movement. It is simple, it is like a board game. However, all I need to do is shake hands, show confidence that we know what is going on and fly around the world fending off MSS and CCP propaganda.

We can either let the world deal with the CCP and MSS stirring for destruction of  markets like we see the CCP and MSS doing in Pakistan. In which they have fortified those proxy agents that attack specific market targets that affect the bottom run root economic algorithm of the MSS world dominance strategy On the other hand we can allow the Shepard to attend to the flock and explain and see if they would like to stop world domination.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Are we going too?

Are we going to let the CCP and MSS dig up our resources and centralize or business, or
Are we going to stand up for Democracy and Free Enterprises. Thus, digging up our own resources to sell, Which would allow our free enterprises to be able to compete in the supply chain activities. So we could sell in the international market place via exports instead of full FDI export of business.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How the US has no lobbyist against CCP and MSS economic warfare.

Obviously read the blog posts and articles.

Rider I 

Monday, June 27, 2011

CCP and MSS are Done The reason why you see the CCP and MSS controlling the Churches in their country.

The idea is that they implement marxist coding into the lectures of the preachers. As the Church Preachers have to go to specific, currently secret, Marxist schools of religion. Which is exactly like their business owners, media and political leaders have to go to. As such the religion then is no longer felt by the preacher as he feels to preach under the divine's affect, but under the single parties affect.

The USA has always felt that religion should be felt by the that of the Preacher. Which is the Shepard and the professor of the lord. The Preacher is the only one who can feel the divine. As they are to have spent the most time in the divines good work(d)s. That is why the MSS control's the churches. It stops free will and perspectives against uncivil acts of government. As the MSS does not want their churches to be as powerful as US Churches. As we see churches in the US specifically lead and heavily stop when our intelligence agents get a little carried away.

Democracy is what keeps us civil not the single fascist party oppressing us. We vote, debate, understand, use logic know that folks like me can build nuclear reactors, teleportatation machines, rail guns, or any of that stuff. Yet we truest each other because we are not fascist. Soon as you violate the trust. The individual oppressing unit is proper dealt with, or as soon as the government stops trusting then it becomes a seriously problematic relationship as you can see in marriages when one partner can't trust the other.

As we see the idea that the MSS believes that if they code in religion Marxism that they can control the religious and only allowing in their CCP power. Which will never allow a conservative caucus in, as the Church can't be free to gather to lobby to get the CCP and their intelligence agency the MSS out.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done It is the balance not the end game we fight for.

Without the balance we end up being oppressed. The tribes must be able to fight peaceful and not forced to open the vaults.You are grown now you are the fathers and mothers of Democracy. We have to make a stand for our grand children. We can't expect our forefathers and mothers to fight against the fascist as they are to weak.

Rider I

CCP and MSS clustering of intellegence productions.

CCP and MSS are Done Specific attack on specific character. Can you see who?

This is a cognition as a specific macro attack on my area so as to create an impunity towards stopping the SOE's of the MSS and CCP. As they wish to use their tourism which will normally go up as their economy has become the biggest in the world. Twice is just a little overkill and makes it look like a specific attack. Especially since I go back and force with the China Daily.

Chinese tourists to California to ‘grow 18%’

Locke closer to China ambassadorship

Chinese tourists to California to 'grow 18%'

China-US talks focus on issues in Asia-Pacific

Hopes high for responsible US troops withdrawal

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Venus Fly trap espionage move

Leaked memo highlights CCP fear of Taiwan

The MSS leaked a lying document stating their fear Taiwan. So that the CCP familiars in Taiwan will push harder to show them there is nothing to fear. The MSS and CCP are currently bullying every little I land in that area. They do not fear them. This is what is known as a Complete Venus fly trap play.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done The Unites states lacks Cardinal Virtues towards the MSS and CCP.

  • Prudence - able to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time
  • Justice - proper moderation between self-interest and the rights and needs of others
  • Restraint or Temperance - practicing self-control, abstention, and moderation
  • Courage or Fortitude - forbearance, endurance, and ability to confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation
The idea that the US is not able to grant judgement against the MSS biggest weapons their SASAC cartels like our forefathers and mothers did, shows inability to be prudent. The idea that the US can't create a proper moderation of loss of jobs and loss of resource demand to hold for its own necessary sovereign defenses, shows the lack of justice. The idea that the US's greed to keep selling its debt and allowing the first two virtues to be destroyed shows their inability for restrain or even to take their own temperature with regards to the MSS and CCP actions. I believe I do not even need to speak on courage or fortitude. 

The US has a complete lack of prudence for its own people and its allies when it comes to the MSS and CCP. It allows the CCP and MSS to such things as make fun of the US in their own little secret song, create algorithm joke like ID, IN, MA for their own little joke, along with create genocide as it takes two to genocide a major power backer and the dictator, along with the US has allowed the CCP and MSS to create a supply chain cartel via its monopoly on resources. Which is now forcing the world to be impudentantly subordinated to their SOE's

I as the Rider I am the most prudent person in the US with resolve towards the CCP and MSS. I have taken a beating every day for over two years, while working on this. I have lost everything and can't find work in my area as I am probable known as the Rider I. I have lost my car, my schooling, my best friends, I spend everything night here.

I am the most prudent person in the USA today. As I have done the appropriate thing for the US citizen by creating this special library. I have properly placed myself in a livable situation to fight in this matter and have created a proper balance towards those who are being affected by MSS and CCP economic development models. I have shown complete restraint in my activities. As I know where MSS agents live and act, (I see them around me and I hear them and can easily trace them as they are egotistical and willing to say very stupid things in front of me, like the other day I had to deal with two of them walking past me saying they will probable have to beat me up once I start lobbying) via their connections to the consulate and their specific modules of US social coding and have not acted on them and never will. Along with that my tone towards the CCP and MSS on this cite, is given towards actions with impunity towards my ability to live free as a citizen of the USA. If I make a move and they block it which does not allow me proper moderation to redress them then I use vulgar terms. If they play a song in front of my President in which the song is based on mass mutilation of US soldiers and Democracy and free market lovers then I show vulgar terms as I can't move without them stopping me, so that is my only redress. Along with that I have traced the red police which are agents of the MSS and CCP watching me. Along with pure belief in what they have done to others as powerful as my cognition's, I show nothing but pure courage and resolve to this matter. 

Furthermore, more prudence is as such that any reasonable human being with this much evidence towards the CCP and MSS without anyway to redress the matter would feel their temperature at a level of disgust to create others to feel blood pressure rising. Again, I am not a professional, and some of this is fictional fact. 

I have leaders attacking poor tortoises funding, instead of having courage. I have my own very Chief and Commander having a song played in front of him which literally, no literally, stands for mutational of US soldiers and Democracy and free market humans. I have a country in complete shambles via its infrastructure, with no resources, and no way to produce enough to create the end to a deficit. I have safety nets being taken down right and left, for our social coding. Then I sit here all day every day, and see exactly who it is and I am on it. Then I try and make a legal move, like lobby to get in a cognition into their schools for Freedom and Democracy. Which is balancenceable as they got their religion which is the worlds premier religion for communist values (Confuciusism). Then all of a sudden children and teachers get their heads pounded in in pretty much every district of the CCP and MSS,. Which allowed the thought police and collection gathers to fortify around every single lobbying point to do stop me implementing  it legally. Then I try and sue a proper lawsuit and get it started in our governmental prosecutions office, as we see Google being sued for having to much power over 50% of the market. So it would be logical to sue the SASAC as they have 97% of the worlds rare earth resources. Then the MSS and CCP go and make diplomatic ties with the prosecution's office a few days after I make the call.  

Here is my example. If you tried to walk forwards on your legal and proper way, and somebody stood in front of you. Then you tried to go around so you could move forward on your way. Then again and again it happened without balance to allow to go on my legal way. I am sorry your blood temperature would rise too.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done The Kissinger book intrigue.

Is the idea that Kissinger never bowed to anyone. He took his own way's stood confidence and had no problem telling you what he thought if you tried to hurt the USA in his own ways. To me Kissinger imbodies the idea of America. He is the type of person who seems to understand the values of the necessary elements of Democracy and Free Markets

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done My new intrigue

"Yet Kissinger was also reviled by large segments of the American public, ranging from liberals to intellects to conservative activists, who in varying ways considered him a Strangelovian power manipulator dangerously devoid of moral principles."

Henry Kissinger

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Disgusting

From my complete disgust from the CCP's and MSS's diplomacy with their choice of one of only a few songs that are played in Communist Propaganda war movies.  That killed US soldiers for something they themselves no longer believe in. The North Koreans are still imprisoned in the CCP's long age past.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done It is like it has become oh CCP and MSS oh just children compared to their puppets.

They are not the Extremist Muslims so no big deal. great

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done You know what would be really fun.

If we could charge folks with aiding and abiding such activities as helping bad folks kill folks. I mean the CCP is literally protecting and aiding the Al Queada crew along with Dictators. I mean those folks kill folks. My people all we do is read and write, and world police. It wrong to kill people. How do they get to come off, playing a song about killing and mutilating US soldiers and Democracy and free market lovers on my President's own ground's and territory with such a song, centralizing the worlds resources to them, bullying little countries for their resources, while committing illegal acts to gain SOE FTA's and resource contracts. Yet, the CCP especially the MSS really has no civilian check like we do here at home for our CIA.

That would be great if we could do that, stop genocide, and bullies from doing such things as hurting and killing folks by funding them or the such. I mean I just use words and nobody in the USA wants to fund me. The CCP uses guns and bombs to fund folks and they get away with it.

 I mean, all this typing and collecting is getting me no where and probable hurting me more than helping me.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done This is amazing.

 I could not image during President Lyndon Johnson's terms if the parties would have allowed the Soviet SOE's in. As our society was hit with a Soviet Debt ceiling attack then. I mean now, I am not at the age of maturity where I have gained enough friends to gain funding. Which means if the Communist Chinese SOE's get in, we lose the our home ground to stop their SOE cartels.

This is just weird. I mean what if nobody funds me. Then they all keep getting played like piano by the MSS.

Right in front of our President and they smile at him like we are idiots.

Great diplomacy I sure hope he does not hurt his fingers.

They literally invaded North Korea. Then they did exactly what they did in the Soviet Union and CCP lands. Genocide every last person who believed in freedom and free markets after we left. Those not killed went to jail.

It is called Diplomacy. We are nice and like a whole to their constant insolence to any kind of decent Diplomacy.

North Korean Propaganda song. Woa what diplomacy.

That man funded by the MSS could have chosen any song. Their national anthem which is what US diplomacy does, or even one of the thousands of motherly songs. That is not about a war that pisses on soldiers graves. That we still have guns pointed at each other over. There are hundreds of thousands of songs in Chinese that are not about North Korea war and killing US soldiers.

Does that man rest easily in this country, cause folks who spoke out like that against the MSS of our country have been seriously affected when in the CCP and MSS territories. That is just wrong, so upsetting, I wish the best for that pianist and his MSS handlers. What diplomacy. I hope we go there and play a nice respectful song for them like our national anthem or one of the myriad of other songs like this one

That would be great. I mean that would be more diplomatic than singing a song that literally sings about killing US soldiers so they can conquer the world for the CCP and MSS SOE cartels.

I mean nobody on our side has down such a disrespectfull stunt in front of their leader. I mean we all keep our hearts and souls desires to our own. That is just un dimplomatic and they way stepped over the bounds of the game of cognitioner's being allowed to create sound waves in front of specific characters to domineer in my mind is a call for meeting of the minds.

I mean I am denied a King or Queen because I even speak in my expression of anger via non normal wordings. Along with that the mear fact I started this blog forced me to lose everything and that Pianist who cognition's key strokes for Communism MSS cartel plots (as yes everybody the Soviets and US went through major studies of sound waves that want folks to be subordinate or to be aggressive and feel the Democracy Quickening, debate and vote) he is living like a rich man. Well send me to mother Bejing and I will play CCR for them. This is our territory and you over stepped. I mean even Johny law I heard took no respect towards the way that song was from a movie where the two great nations where killing each other.

My current shame for my impoliteness towards the CCP and MSS is this, what I live in. I know that and I deal with the beat down everyday. Folks like that amaze me, no respect. I know why I have nothing it is because I chose to be the in the cognitional fighting chair to raise blood pressures towards this point, becuase everything else is not working to get them to play fair.

I live with my own actions everyday. And until I am ready to become a professional after this summer's ride, I live with that. However, a man who is allowed to disrespect through diplomacy on the US President's honor and then smile in his face afterwards. Is a man not worth his own honor in the US. I am sorry, that is upsetting and very undiplomatic, brings out the horror telling story side of me, along with a wish for an I for an I.

I mean someday I would like to become a professional. However, this post in itself is an American virtue. How we speak freely, express our anger. I heard that nice and professional news broadcaster tell me my President's honor was being dealt with undiplomatic ties on then both CCP and MSS agent stood there and had smiles on their faces, cause they knew what they just did. So one more time before bed, I for I.

Rider I

Sunday, June 26, 2011

CCP and MSS are Done As a consumer I have a full write to sue if a cartel violates and affects me.

The SASAC cartel and anti trust violators have more than affected me economically. I stand with more than enough grounds to sue. I am guessing the US is going to keep being allowed to be dominated, and act like Diplomacy does anything. Over 10,000 SOE's where specifically conglomerated down to about 5,000 or so. In which they only say they have 100. However, they do not care about diplomacy. They just use that because US citizens are more worried about Democracy than they are the proper thing to do, which is sue.

Instead of helping Pakistan and the US deal with the camps of extremist Muslims. They fortified them, and gave them camps and security. That is what they think about our diplomacy. The very instance of who killed our children on our soil and the CCP and MSS spit in our face like that. Along with allowing India to be constantly attacked, and other terrorist camps fortified by the Pakistani government.

I am pretty sure the MSS watches me like a hawk in my own lands. As I have seen the red police before. However, if it was one of ours who told her to do that, then that is an obvious text book play of a spy trying to stop a specific court case from stopping it's masters from their will. Basic. We have seen it before, the creation of diplomatic ties before a major cases is a huge break through in turned domestic espionage agents being taken down.

Rider I 

CCP and MSS are Done Ok get this.

I just reported in that I could prove anti trust and cartel violations against the Kyrpto joke bunch. Sinomach, Tysla, and Nansang. Last week. Then this week, the MSS again blocks my poor (literally) move. By all of a sudden just creating diplomatic ties with our prosecution units. Now our side thinks oh this is such a great moment, so they get the baby treatment while their SOE's get to centralize our markets and resources. I could not imagine if we had such governmental representation of weakness towards the Soviet Union's world domination SOE cartels.

I need to be able to speak with people and actually be able to afford such things as to fly in and be able to write documents on computers not attached to the net. However, no every move I make is moved and stopped by the MSS. I am poor, have a poor attitude, and each time I make a move it is blocked because I do not even have the basic essentials to write a covert document. I mean even the Pope who unless complete taken over by the MSS, knows exactly who my blood is, nothing comes as care package.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done Again for a country that's Intelligence Espionage unit's leader has major economic engineering degrees.

CCP's MSS leader has a major economic intelligence degree. Which makes no sense as they do not want to work with us to stop terrorism. It is to late now they smacked us in the face by seriously offending this country by fortifying the bases in which we know 100% where being run by Osama Bin Laden.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done How the MSS uses accounting to create an illegal activity.

Accounting procedures in the CCP and MSS are known for being corrupt. In which specific business gain cloaked, where da go procedures. As such the CCP is pushing for all major SOE's and other business to have their year end accounting not done by multinationals with ethics commissions, but to be done locally by MSS connected officials. Wonder if that is part of the economic warfare algorithm. mmmm

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done They tell the US that they are going to disband them or even stop empowering them.

Yet in reality:


China to promote innovation among SOEs

Updated: 2011-06-24 10:05

BEIJING -- China will step up its efforts to promote independent innovation and technologicaladvancement among its central state-owned enterprises (SOEs), the State-owned AssetsSupervision and Administration Commission (SASACsaid Thursday.
Scientific and technological advancement will contribute more than 60 percent to the growth of thecountry's central SOEs during the 2011-2015 periodSASAC chairman Wang Yong said at a workmeeting.
Speeding up innovation is now an urgent priority for centralSOEsas they must enhance their core competitiveness inthe face of a rapidly changing global marketplaceWangsaid.
Central SOEs should integrate foreign technologies and usethem to create new products with independent intellectualproperty rightshe said.
The SASAC will design new measures and improve currentpolicies to create a more favorable environment for centralSOEshe added.
Before the meetingthe SASAC signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Science and Technologyto jointly promote innovation among central SOEs.
According to a work plan issued by the SASACthe number of authorized patent applications filedby central SOEs will double over the next five years."

Rider I cited for educational evidence.

CCP and MSS are Done Matter of fact is I was a bull.

I would to a complete Kissinger accounting of how many products come out of my so called joint venture factories in Communist China. Then I would show up to specifically count how much they produce. As I have heard they actually produce way less and have slave's or even unkempt red neck's (rural folks) do it for almost slave labor. That would be a muti-national ethical accounting of CCP and MSS firms business, especially the SOE's.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done The Supply Chain Cartel in Communist China's MSS world domination really is the problem.

It is almost unheard of foran American to export workers and own any part of the supply chain that the MSS has carteled. Which means that they hold the roots. As such, at any time a few pennies here, an exploded manufacturing there. Means the MSS can start to take over the joint venture business or supply chain cartelled relied on business, as its has stolen technological from companies, then the MSS has piggy backed off the tech, like we have seen with the US Company Fellows and the Japanese speed train issues. Along with tons of other's that have specifically reported it also and received no I mean no governmental US protection.

Me personally If I wanted Communist Chinese market place. I would do like the CCP and MSS do to Africa. Export US citizens to watch and own the supply chain and work it. So as to keep loyalty and supply chain competitive advantage. Of Course the MSS will not let that happen. I mean every firm that I worked with would have to be like the MSS forces people to be. They force everyone to have a CCP official working there. I would force that a US well instructed manufacturing, civil employment law person would have to work there.

Rider I