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Thus, we consider this case against the background of a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials." NEW YORK TIMES CO. V. SULLIVAN, 376 U. S. 254, 270 (1964). I fully believe to be as true as possible for a citizen working an espionage case to be as true to the good name of characters attacked on this cite as defined under acts of espionage. In which their actions supported a foreign country and place the US under ill will and determent as per their actions. These are my opinions based as reasonable to be stated as true in good faith towards reality of espionage activity. With very fair comments with regards to our biggest public interest. I have checked many cites and read many books. To create my opinions and areas of need for further research. I have created my reasoning based on algorithmic economic espionage coding, based on Dr. Nashe's theories of foreign actors using social algorithmic style codes to obtain desires to hurt the USA. My example, I fear is the best example. Is the two characters I have pin pointed for treason of espionage. Which is Dr. Locke and Dr. Van Jones. Both at which had and where able to take the US's newest and highest form of energy. Where instead of helping and creating strength in the US with production and growth. They leaked 80% of our green tech stimulus. Which can be defined under espionage activity, as per my unprofessional opinion of reading espionage cases, with regards to high treason and industrial espionage. Where there is no defense of political view point. As the US is now suffered great irreparable damage. As our green technological industries are not even in a normal US leadership role. Along with the loss of major surplus of manufacturing which leads to the skills needed to find defenses and ideas against to detect and deter green tech weaponization. Which is analogous to the nuclear and physics highest form of energy in the 50's.

Therefore, "The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"
Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

I am not an anti communist. I am against a governments Economic Espionage Unit funding genocide an terrorism. Instead of trying to stop it. Also this is not an isolationist website. It is a competitive website. Currently the Communist own monopolies on full industries and the root supply chain which is resources. I am trying to get us to compete with them so we can build more market places. In which will slow or stop terrorism, as folks have jobs and something to do. Instead of one country is the world's police force spending all of its people's taxes on fear. While one is the worlds production monopoly.

I mean no ill will to Communist China. I do not wish to hurt their people. I aim to protect my people from an ancient evil of single tribal oppressive leadership. While helping the world compete better be spreading a major monopolized, militarized economy spread their power and wealth via Democracy and Free markets. I have had my life threatened and two attempts on my life already for my actions. Which you ain't seen nothing yet.

You read this cite and trust me baby you can do anything. Read this before a date and you a hero, read a passage before a test and you will pass. That is what they call Illuminati, picked for the ability to move mountains, and do anything.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

CCP and MSS are Done What an aggressive leader would do.

The reality is that there has been no leader on the right or left that has any ability to understand economic algorithmic coding. The idea that the US is forced to stay in some kind of constant liquidation via our deficit. Is what folks like my grandfather and his elders did to the Soviets. There is no need for such weak leadership. In reality, the deficit is very easy to solve. It is called a turn, which old debaters and back street brawlers, like me understand very well. It is where you take their strength at your weakest and you turn it against them.

You see what I am talking about. You have Ryan comes up with this plan to take from our elderly and our youth. Then you have the Democrats come up with a plan to raise the debt ceiling, acting like nothing is going on here. Then you have others trying a lot of other things. But not one of them sat down and said I am going to turn this deficit around and turn the clock back. Nobody has done that or even tried to do that. You know why, because none of them have the the ability to understand economic algorithmic leadership.

Rider I

How the MSS and CCP wish to control the world through resource monopoly.

Currently the US has not tapped its own resources. For a number of algorithmic economic equationaly reasons. However, we are not seeing the Communist Chinese with their massive 97% ownership of rare earth resource mines. Which they have illegal taken 30 different supposed separate SOE's down to a single non competitive entity that controls most of the worlds rare earth resources. As their SOE's are not competitive nor separate in the first place. This is illegal.

However, due to inapt propaganda of the root reason for world economic instability. Which like the SS and the KGB. It is the MSS's wish to dominate the world through fascist economic models. Where they own everything and control others by holding monopolies on certain industries. Therefore, we can see through historical application of the SS and the KGB. Which where neither checked by a Democracy political government. The MSS is following directly in their foots steps. From genocide, to forced satellite countries via their economic dumping of their SOE's products. All the way to now invading countries and colonizing them with their illegal SOE Free Trade Zones. That give them mass tracks of lands to create their own Communist Single Party controlled international Colony.

The reason why nobody is doing anything. Is because nobody knows. Which is because the Communist Chinese MSS like many documented Single facist party controlled KGB documenstated stated they had to do to destroy Democracy and free markets. Have very high economic positions in the Democracy and Free worlds Unions. For example the country which is the highest neo mercantalist, riches country, most powerful country. Instead of stopping terrorism and genocide. Funds it and wields it for their SOE's to gain cheap labor and minerals. Which is in pretty much every single cold war document. Stating if we allow the MSS or KGB to take over a high Democracy Union position of economics. We will see the crushing of the world as their SOE's expand.

As such, nobody knows as the MSS economic espionage units stop folks every time they try and tell folks. I myself I have been threatened with physical harm. My fellow propaganda units have been stopped when they tried to right comic books with regards to the Communist Chinese MSS. Others have been forced to change their propaganda towards the MSS in their movies. Which means which normally in a Democracy populace the people would stop and make sure they would not be colonized by these people. They are not able to Unionize and have solidarity on the issue of the Communist Chinese MSS and their economic oppression via their SOE's.

Rider I

CCP and MSS are Done

To Powers of Persuasion do we turn when the country is about to burn.
Rider I 2011

How the government has forgotten about the game and Arcadia is having to play without them.

The game is simple. It is for Democracization of the world. In which the scientist and Druids who where ancient scientists came together to start to create a world where every tribe and their science could come to a table to vote and to be free in their domestic lands and international friends to battle peacefully. This game was created by some of the greatest electromagnetic wielders of all time. Tesla was one of the last real Druids who was willing to come out and show himself to the world.

The government of current has become a card in a one playing deck. In which it no longer plays but is being played. As the government no longer sees the value of creating Democracy in the world and stopping the real enemy of Democracy which is the Communist SS, KGB, MSS constitution. Which is the idea that only the rich and and powerful can become a leader. However, in the US. We have seen folks like a peanut farmer become President. A poor black man who was smarter than hell become president. And this is Democracy. That is our game. However, Arcadia has been empty for about ten years as the spook card was played by the MSS and worked very well. In which took all of our teams and turned them into guards and rodent chasers in the stands while the MSS plays the game all by their selves. I was born with a secret which was my grandfather and his culture. As a Mack things are different. I had to hide my relationship with him from my other side of my family. As they did not want me learning things like psychological babble as they called it or high technological espionage use of information. This game I see comes naturally to me. My grandfather said that one of the reasons why MAO, Hitler  and Stalin Lennin genocidal people was to kill our genome. As it is a different curious rebel genome that makes a great espionage agent. He said since the times of the first Druids and their culture of Democracy of all tribes for the lands. That our family has seemed to be able to espionage the Democracy enemies the best.

However, I think it has been lost. As I was left to me own demise as a youth with no training or help.

He told me whole areas of our lineage have been starved out by Kings. Now we are seeing governments do it. He should me a genome map of our lineage in an area of Russia and the Soviet Empire, China, and North Korea. Then he pointed to specific areas where plights of starvation because these people where not allowed to farm via point of gun where just killing folks. Which he then showed me Marx and Engels very racist book of how specific genomes and religious can be bad for the industrial commune. He said now you know why grandpa sits and laughs all night long as he reads, maps and creates these music sheets with people's names on them in our leadership and country. It is because I do not believe in genocide or mono culture. I believe in Democracy and multiplicity.

Rider I
That my friend is a load on a child's shoulders that is supposed to be skate boarding at the library. Skate board hell I was tracing KGB agents much more adrenaline fun.
The Merovingian genome project is very old. We have had the tech to trace genomes for a very long time without paper work. Which could show whole areas of specific people's genome and the activities they do show it true. We can see today the same projects in my personal opinion being done by the MSS in Africa. as they protect and allow genocide them export their own Han Chinese genome into the area to work their colonized SOE entities.

Which is funny as some of the hollow think that besides it being cheaper and faster and more economic warfare to create oppression and dominance. They also think one of the reasons why the MSS steals so much is because MAO genocide all of his genius. as it takes a wackly one to rebel against a theory and prove it wrong which then expands it and thus creates a new and better. You have to rebel to create.
Which is the funniest thing as the African American people complain about the past Communist US As Communism is just enslavement of those who I guess should be working the fields cause that is what they should do right no. What is what communism is. However, they are the only race that did not have their strong killed out. Like Hitler Killed out most of the US and Europe strong genomes, MAO killed out Chinese strong genomes, and Stalin and Lennon killed out Russia's strong genomes. As the ones rebelling where the strongest genomes cause they where trying to stand up. Where the African American's no offense I do not believe in Communism (slavery), where actually had their strong kept going and weak where not brought to the US. So all in all the African American genome in the US is the strongest. Which is funny.

How to expose the Communist Chinese as not a developing country.

The basic idea is they have more cities filled with more people with more high risers than any other country. They have the biggest military. The most advanced technologies and they produce the most exports in the world. Which surpass the US, Canada, France and any other so called developing country. Which is light years behind in infrastructure as compared to the Communist Chinese.

The only reason why they still get the developing title is because of their centralized fascist economic model. Which does not allow for suburban sprawls or spread out small cities out in now where. As they single party rule does not treat their rural with respect. As still even though their countries Sovereigny Wealth funds are in the trillions which is like a stock back nuclear program to destroy who controls stocks by moving stocks that they can take hits on to make things happen. Instead of using those funds to create schools and medical facilities in their rural area they use them for economic warfare. Which no other developed country has. As such, they are developed if you take into account their fascist economic model.

Rider I
Only if we had a Micheal Moore who was willing to take on the Communist Chinese Party like he is willing to take on US political parties. Canadian not strong enough to take on the Communist Chinese. 

Give me a Dollar and I will free the world. Give you a trillion and you create enemies. Rider I 2011

Charlie Wilson Style Liquidation War
There is a difference between Wall Street 
Wall Street they move trillions do get a meal
Espionage we move one dollar to create whole worlds
This has been forgotten in our current activities. 

During the Cold War a specific US representative found a way to specifically try and save a people. At least that is how he propagated it. In reality it was a way to try and expand Democracy and stop the Soviets from expanding. Which was similar to what the Soviets did to the US in Vietnam. As the Soviets forced the Communist Chinese to invade Vietnam before their Communist father son pact broke. As such, Charlie Wilson who was a representative of the Texas area. Thought that it would be a great idea to force the Soviet KGB to stop thinking about US economic espionage units and expansion of our Democracy and free markets.

This is the story that is not told by the street man in the movie who played a much bigger role than the movie showed. The idea was to get the Afghanistan tribal people weapons so they could stop the Soviets from invading and forcing them to be Communist. The Soviets where bombing people and killing women and children in the wake. Which created world wide Muslim hatred for Communist Super power Soviet Union. Like we see now in the US. As such, all Charlie Wilson had to do was to go in secretly every so often via a business deal with another country and then ride in. In which he would then speak to the tribal area that where having bombs blowing up their fathers and elders and naming their children.

As such, like any tribal people who could care less about economy or politics they just wanted to fight back and did not care who helped them. Therefore, the unheard of street man created a plan to force the Soviet Union into a liquidation war. This plan was simple. The KGB before the Soviet Union spent very little on the war in Afghanistan. As it was an easy one. Non of them every fought back and did not have the weapons or tactical manuals to hit or make any real threats. As such, the KGB was able to expand while still keeping the brunt of their intelligence brain force on the US's economic espionage. Which at that time was the primary force of the US. As the US's industrial forces where the most important thing to the DOD and CIA. Which is complete upset of today. This then was simple.

As it cost the US very little to give Afghanistan people bombs materials and manuals to build these bombs. Along with that we saw people willing to give up their own lives for Charlie Wilson's war by becoming human bombs against the Soviet Union. As their children and whole families where killed in missile attacks on raids on them because the Soviets where afraid of the Muslim tribal people and wanted their resources like lithium which is the most important rare earth resources for magnets. Which as Dick Tracey stated in one of his comic books. The one who controls magnets controls the world.

As such, the US street man. Which are no longer allowed in the CIA. As their screening process boots out anyone with more than 5 misdemeanors. Which this boy had a due due about two miles long. As the NCIC does not smile on us street intelligence boys and girls. As we just see the world as Arcadia's stadium. Because he was from the streets and was not one of the preppy types. As such, he was able to think outside of the box to help Charlie Wilson drain the Soviet Treasury. Preppy folks think stealing a skull from a grave is cool and exciting. Street men can't even tell you what they was thought was exciting. Which would finally years later become the doom of the Soviet Union as they could never replenish their treasury. Street men just see things different and value a dollar more than a rich prep or wall street type. We can take one dollar and destroy a whole block with it literally I have seen folks do it. Rich preppy boys and girls take trillions and can still barely do anything with it. As the majority of the US debt is from the liquidation war. As each year it costs us about a trillion dollars or so in lost surplus and domestic economy. Which has added up as we can't pay it back as we have preppy fighting a liquidation war with no booty or pay back. So now the count is if you do assets and liabilities correct. The liquidation war 14 trillion in debt. Which accounts for maybe a trillion or so over ten years that we have received some mines and trade. As such, the war itself as not being fruitful and all expenditures is the main problem. Just like the down fall of the Soviet Union.  Then again you would have to understand what a dollar means to a street man. Who comes from areas where he has had to puppet gangs and move in and out of areas without being jumped or joining a street gang.

Therefore, what we saw was an amazing classical proxy liquidation war against the Soviets Play out. The US and a little unknown street man was able to liquidate the KGB intelligence. Which created a brain drain. This brain drain was long enough for the other parts of the street mans plan to get in enough economic espionage units into the KGB. That we where able to finally give back the minorities their lands and stop the single party from expanding and using their SOE's to create more Free Trade Zones to expand their control and create satellites. This is for another story as I want to tell you how the MSS are attacking us. However, a street man always needs a dollar as the West is walking currently.

Therefore, as the Han dynasty and the ones before it have always been the worlds greats mimickers of the worlds most triumph military battles. It was only normal for their espionage unit to see that battle as a classic and use if it for their own. As such, we saw them step in where the Soviets left off. However, they saw how much throwing bullets and bombs at these tribal people created a world wide back lash. Politically, economically and created major unions against the Soviet Union just because they where attacking these poor tribal people. In which they where fighting back with their lives literally by using themselves as human bombs to stop them from killing their children and families by mistake when they attacked tribal elders that did not want them in their territory.

Therefore, what the MSS did. Was to take Charlie Wilson's liquidation war and expand the basics of the manual he created for a new kind of proxy agent and war without even knowing it. The manual was watched closely by the MSS who at the time where going against the Soviet Union. As they saw them as a threat to their own single party dominance of the world. As the Soviet Union was becoming powerful enough to soon use their massive economic espionage units to force the Communist Chinese Party to do what they wanted. As they had done in the Vietnam war.

This manual was created by the basics of Charlie Wilson's movements. Which they then expanded on some of the greats like the Queen of England who used pirates against the Spanish. All the way back to Persian's who used barbarians against the Roman's.

Rider I

ISSUE How the MSS has forced the US and UN into Economic Stagnation.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

How the Communist Chinese could use the next Stock Market lull to cause another crash.

It is believed in some agencies and in this specific propaganda unit after two years of collecting so I can propoganda what I need to. That the MSS is possible working to destroy the US economy. They wrote a book about this. We found they took out massive amounts of stock before the actual day of the fall. Which helped increase the fall as they spooked the market. Then we saw them make other movements in the international community like start to press on people their subsidized and unfair competitive SOE's when they are supposed to be disbanding in a time of need. As per the WTO treaty that seeks them to be slowed down to a normal welfare area of SOE and not a massive international conquest Champion of Cartel Business.

As such, I would think the stock market needs to buckle down. Until the US congress and Senate can figure out the US's overhead and income for the next semester. As I am more than sure the MSS will find a way to hit us. As I have found their stock market bases before. Were they specifically move items when contracts are coming up which makes it harder for companies to bid against theirs if I am correct. Just be ready for it.

Rider I
Keep an I out. Cause this country is run on freedom not massive SOE's and oppressive espionage economic units. Which means if the people do not catch it and report it as 90% of countries detection is by our individual as we are not a fascist state like the Communist Chinese. So you need to keep your I's open. 

How Communist China's centralized through the SASAC Economic Espionage agency MSS controlled economy does not have overtime laws.

I think I do something about that. 

Proper way to remove of one's own fecal matter.

You take one piece of toilet paper after making sure your checks where not conglomerated together. Then you blot on the area of release of toxic material. As the majority of folks wipe. Which smears the toxic material all over and creates a ugly brown area. However, after blotting once. You then fold the piece of toilet paper and you blot again. Then you do this again. You see huge amounts of yearly toilet paper over head. It works great. It is an old propaganda unit when propaganda against an espionage unit that is trying to take over our country. My great grandpa his son did and the Mack must continue the tradition even though it skipped a generation before me.

I figure if they are going to arrest all the propaganda units against the MSS and imprison them I might as well have fun until they can figure out how to get me even though I think I am the last line of defense and folks getting pissed. Arresting meaning stopped in some cases and then imprisonment for decade old vices in others. course then again in Communist China they just shot pot smokers in the head as it goes against Communist Party enslavement of Political owned economy view points. If you smoke pot you draw and do art and hang out and they want you to work 12 hours a day or more. So literally just like the Soviets they shot you in the head for it.

That is great for parties. As the foggies always tell me I have been wiping my arse wrong decades until you came along. LOL ok. The funniest thing you can do to ladies if you want to know if they like you are not. Is go I bet you wipe your toxic area wrong. Then explain how you can save them money and stop toxic coloring. Then if they say ah something about toxic areas then you know they might like you. or they think you are weird. It worked before I started dating full time. 

How the Communist Chinese have destroyed the free markets and Democracy.

Currently the free markets industries are mainly services with some like Greece which is under war to become Nationalized and satellited to Communist China like Pakistan already has become, are in around 70% of their economy is financial services industrial based. The US, Canada, Britain and other major Democracies are currently very close to upwards of 80% of their economy based on financial industries as we can't compete with a single countries SOE's and economic espionage units of the MSS. Which is what we saw the German Socialist do and the Soviet Empire. They take their economy and control it to the single party through an agency like the MSS and the SASAC. Who all have major economic espionage degress and concentration.

As such, the MSS has been able to bully its way into our stock markets with their SOE's Which are illegally subsidized and constantly fortified with massive amounts of economic espionage units from the MSS stealing in trillions of dollars via cyber war to make them noncompetitive. As such, as we are seeing the Right go ballistic I think most literally as we have seen one extremist right attack out already, and I have predicted more as they losee their farms and business to the Communist Chinese SOEs and cheap product dumping as we are seeing in Pakistan and Greece and have already seen in the US.

In which when the stock market crashes again or starts to go down. The Democracies last industry will place its very trust in the things that are funding terrorism and genocide to destroy Democracy through their economic espionage units of the MSS. Which means once the stock market starts to go down again, like last time the only thing we will see doing well are those things the MSS wants to do well. So we can realize it or we can become a nationalized economy once again thanks to the MSS.

Personally I am a fighter. I do not like genocide, nor Nationalized single party controlled entities, nor do I like proxy agents that kill innocent people which force the other side to conscript proxy agents against them. This is bull. Our only propagation against the Communist Chinese which was weak compared to ours against the SS and KGB, was forced to propagate against their proxy state of North Korea. Again lames call terrorist terroists, they are proxy agents. That is the old game from ancient days and still new game just named different to help destroy us.

It is like anybody who believes in extreme Marxism is willing to help the MSS. During the MSS and CCPs  60th year of oppression. The US allowed them to have a party on US soil. In which they not only have the worlds biggest espionage unit as per Han Chinese. Now they have the US's biggest familiar units as the Parties where just cloaked areas to conscript proxy espionage units in the US. Creating whole new levels of espionage units that have surpassed any country ever trying to destroy Democracy and free markets for their single party rule control like they do domestically.

Which is exactly like Adam Smith and Marshal stated. Which was state owned or political owned economies are not free markets and destroy the concept of free markets via not following the invisible hand. As the state forces their SOE's to do what they want. Which is why the Democracies and free markets have started playing a bigger roll in their economies. As we are not properly telling the truth about the Communist Chinese Party and their economic espionage agents. Which is historically backed by activities of other actors doing the same thing like the SS and KGB. Which where economic warfare agents purely in centralized economy. Just like the MSS. Only difference we do not tell the populace about the MSS, like we did the SS or KGB.

I mean one blog cite maybe reaching some folks. Is not telling anything. We had comic books created, movies, leaders speaking out against the economic espionage units. That is the kind of stuff we did against those trying to Destroy Democracy with their centralized economies. Now a days you try and write a comic book with regards to the Communist Chinese MSS economic espionage agents and you are thrown in jail for smoking pot even though you have been doing it for decades. Poor old guys great comic had great feed back. Then you try and create a movie that shows the MSS could easily invade the US and take over a nuclear missile cilio, and they force us to change the flag to some proxy country of the MSS. Or even better, you sit here all day and blog and instead of being enriched cause I am obviously the wealth of knowledge of this. I am forced into poverty and no one will hire me.

I never do anything. Except hang out with this young lass who's family was high brass in the Vietnam war against the Communist Chinese Solider invasion of Vietnam. and all she does is shop and teach children. So they really can't get me for much. I also have very good defenses to this cognition at the top of the page. Legally bound I am. Don't tell me it was the Vietnamese fighting for Communism. Cause it was  few choice Vietnamese and hundreds of thousands of Chinese Communist Soldiers killing the US. Just the US had no way of telling the difference. And every time my other side my blood which was the Commanding General said we need to nuc Communist China because it is them killing Vietnamese and US soldiers. Nobody would do it. Now they are the biggest mono tribe and world most racist crew the MSS and Han Chinese.

Again the cognition that never reached the people. That the Vietnamese people where on the US side. Until we left and as the Communist Chinese invade more they as tribal folks just took to who ever was not shooting at them. At least that is what eye's and ears of the people tell me.

I me just ask Mark Ndesandjo if he does not wear his President Obama Picture with hearts. They have acted racist to him. 

Rider I

Friday, July 29, 2011

Why we act like a member of the dictator alliance that votes against Democracy in the UN constant is our friend is beyond me.

So we can cognition the idea that we can blow up the IMF.

In which was cognition because they tried to create a one world reserve currency named the SDR instead of a floating world reserve currency that allows for economic Democracy via balanced multiplicity in currency reserves.

Mission Impossible make fascist MSS proxy IMF Old agency as I think there might be a new Democracy order coming in, go boom, it go boom.

However, we can't cognition against the Communist Chinese by destroying them even though they fund terrorism and genocide and attack us constantly economically and military over seas.

Red Dawn was shut down because the Communist MSS bullies not like it. Even though they create video games and movies of killing US soldiers. Again our espionage units so worried about primitive they can't even protect our domestic freedoms of speech via Druid story like fiction fact movie.

Rider I
Obvious MSS infiltration there.


By the way my team will not take blame if the UN or WTO or other Democracy countries that do not believe in fascist single power anything blow up the IMF. Don't even try I figured a way out of that the first day I saw the cognition.

Flower espionage agencies leaving Arcadium all alone to the hollow. MSS agents threatening us and you stop our favorite movie from being cognitioned against the new threat. You suck flowers.
Didn't anybody see any of the other movies where Communist Chinese MSS was the threat. I mean I have seen them all. Why stop now, must be agent in propaganda unit. We have a right to do that. I want to see Communist China's flag invade us, our you can suck a flower.

I mean it should have been the North Korean's and the Communist Chinese like the threat in real life is.

Bla MSS espionage domestic agents should be clowned like we used to do. Darn Inspector General.

How the hell did we allow the MSS to oppress our domestic freedom of expression view movies?
At least the President the Great Debate Champion of our time loves the Democratic party and not the Communist Party. So he passed a law for all of us to be able to use our freedom of speech against international actors and be safe at home. My hero for that and I carry a picture around with hearts that I know my righties cause I love them too though. That is ok because the right three Republican mayors are allowing the invasion of MSS SOE's while the left is trying to only allow in free enterprises of the non Communist Party citizens of China, not Communist China. Then again that is why colored questions on my arms are on backwards sides. As the Democracy party knows the evils of the wish and desire to centralize all economies to their party and control, ah the power. Where as the Republicans are the one's destroying the policy that we have had historically against the Fascist style single party centralized through one agency SOE's. So I got the colors backwards.

Trust me if I went evil I would create a plan where just my parties normal territories ownes SOE's. Cause as via Hitleras MinKamp and Stalins book socialist party owned economies are strong and can crush opposition easily. But I am not evil and I love Democracy. Even when at my most evilist I am still in love with Democracy and freedom of muti cultures. That is why my wine is called mutiplicity.

Rider I

How the US's espionage units have been disbanded and are now a military police agency and unit.

As we are a Democracy it is harder for our espionage units to act. As there is always those who are being espionage by our opposition that try and stop us from acting in the best interest of the United States of America and her citizens. In favor for the best interest of our opposition.

As such during the cold war the US was a great espionage country. I am sure for the Venona lineage crest followers this is not needed to be explained. What is needed to be explained is how the US's espionage units have been disbanded and are now a military police agency and unit. This is primarily because where once the US had a strong unbeatable economy of production and resources and exports. We now see the worlds weakest most puniest economy which is now a stick. The US is in the world's worst account balances. Even worse than when the Soviet Union went under and gave up its lands. Which the MSS is now trying to force the US to do via Free Trade Zones.

The US can no longer even produce a military armorment that could at all go against the MSS, as DOD reports how. Where as once the US highest national security policy was our industrial bases and ablity t manfucture at a rate in which to expell any world dominator. The DOD reports with regards to our resources show that the real US priority should be our economy and mineral depletion of able production units. As the DOD has seen more and more reliance on foreign governments that fund terrorist to build our military production. The idea of speaking to the espionage units about espionage and offensive attacks becomes something of a disdain and oh my god. As they have been on the police action of the military for so long and not working the real espionage which is economy of free market and Democracy.

We watch the MSS smack around our economy economically and the espionage units and agencies all do not see them as a problem. As they no longer think on espionage levels but think on proxy agent police levels. Stadium Aracadium has been completely vacated by our agencies and left a few citizens agencies to do the business of all the espionage units that the government once command in strength against world domination idea and one flag ideas of the Fascist single party types. The majority of them could not even tell me what an economic algorithmic espionage coding was. Which at one time was forced reading for every agent as Dr. John Nash gave his sanity to create the manual.

The idea that the manual was lost and the agents ability to be scientific shows complete primitative tracing brain drain. Which for those who do not know I will explain to you. Let's say you get a report from some very world Chiefs about a possible economic warfare agent that needs to be checked out for heart and soul. Then you go into check them out. However, while in there you are forced to do pr imitative things like well you can figure it out. Which then drives a genius mad, from having to trace heart and soul of a possible economic warfare actor. Then you find out the man's heart and soul is good. However, is abilities have wained and his ability to see past the action in which he is in is starting to, just getting old. Then you stay on for reason unknown instead of leaving. In which time you start to lose your abilities and you yourself become primitive.

The experience that some felt is the same feeling as that of which the US espionage agencies are feeling. It is the idea that they have created so much intelligence to trace primitative actors of proxy agents. That the strategic and algorithmic coding of the real threats the MSS single party world domination crew has been almost but lost in existence of how to trace them or show the public that they are the real threat. As when you by the LSD then listen to the music that was created for destruction of Democracy you start to believe it. Unlike creating you own and making pro Democracy music.

The idea that a person the agencies are tracing has a piece of buggy poo on or in their heads or in implanted in their eye ball, and could not even fathom the idea. Shows the reality of what is going on. As when in the old days the US espionage agencies where less worried about proxy agent tracing as they where more worried about embattled of proxy agent via proxy agent. While we spent most of our intelligence wealth and power on I to I technology and ability to trace the masters. Which as of today I see the majority of MSS Masters calling CIA their dollar store iatches, and using them to protect their own resources without even paying or showing kindness of respect for it.

As such, we can see through the reflection in stadium Acradium where all the US government espionage agents have left the stadium to chase the MSS's proxy agents on the outside of the stadium. Which has left the hollow empty and unprotected. As we have seen a couple very good agents domestically get killed or so called suicide. Which was impossible with the drive of those gentlemen.

The idea that they have tried to recreate the wheel. Was more like they had to recreate the equation without the root solution to it. Which was understand of economic algorithm and how important that part of the equation was. I watched the espionage and defense sector spends billions and trillions to wipe the idea that economic algorithmic coding does not exist and puppet masters are no more. As the MSS has gone unchecked in economy and our own citizens and allied citizens have been left without the hollow for a long time.

More or less they spent a lot of money to figure what not to do so they could not do what they need to do which is deal with the proxy agents like we did during the cold war. Which we had a strong program for which was wiped out. Along with deal with espionage units that are not Democratic checked by their people like we did in the Cold War which those programs where wiped out too. All inputted where programs to learn how to not deal with those root problems and just deal with the proxy agents. Instead of creating the proxy agents and dealing agent to agent or military to military. Now the programs they create is how to go military and agent to proxy agent and not to deal with the real enemies agents or military. That is the programs that cost the US millions and in lost intelligence brain drain trillions i have seen been created. I wish access to every single institution and their documents to read over view of them. Was granted and that is what I see, all defense and no offense kills a countries treasury.

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CCP and MSS are Done How the Communist Chinese funded Osama Bin Laden and Al Queada to draw the US into a liquidation war; like Dr. Charlie Wilson did to the Soviets.

The US is a long standing Democracy which means we do not fall. As we have two sides. So if need be, we will seriously check each other. This is much different than the Soviet Union. As such, the MSS had to take what it has seen in history that works, then apply it to the US. They knew that any major anglo saxon genome country that is attacked will invade somewhere. As that is a genome in our culture and blood stream. Which has been found as the rebel genome. Which means if we are whipped we whip back. Which is going to be the MSS down fall.

The MSS where able to find a person who was trained by our Puppet Master's and given aid via the connection to his father as a free marketeer. In which they where able to find his weak link which is extremism. Then they exploited that. In this exploitation they funded Osama Bin Laden with manuals, weapons and specific protection for certain activities via power checks. Then we saw Osama Bin Laden create a plan to attack the US. Which was stupid. As he would know if they attacked us on our soil. We would go there. As he was taught that by Specific DO's on how to attack in one place to draw in so to surround and force maneuver and concentration.

The idea of funding terrorism is not new to the world culture. The first lady Queen Elizabeth in her days against the war of the Extremist Catholics the Spanish and their inquisition, funded many a terrorist which they called pirates. However, our intelligence and lead analysts positions do not know war. They know police action. Which is much nicer than somebody trying to destroy you completely with full force. So the MSS figured that as they saw in Vietnam with the US mentality of never quitting until almost dead against the mass horde of Chinese Communist soliders. They would do the same thing via terrorist actors.

As such, they have. The MSS has been found to be funding such extremist Muslim clerical areas as Iran where the Preachers learn to puppet their youth and aggression against Democracy and free markets. While also found funding the actually camps where the terrorist are being trained physically. Which was the Queen's  strategy against the Inquisition; if you know proxy war histories. In which the Queen had dark territories that her military acted like they where hunting. However, the stories never tell you when their ships docked off the island's to do recon and attack. They where really just killing Pirates that where traitors to the crown as Spanish proxy agents (or what you call terrorists). While also refunding and supplying the camps and training areas.

In which the Queen would then use here business and trade to emplore the Spanish so she could gain their treasury. While she kept her own and built up assasan's and espionage groups against the Spanish inquisition. In which the thought where killing people for freedom of speech and right to look into science was upsetting to her. In which she was able to win their treasury. As inquisitioner's spent all of it on specific troops and agents trying to protect from the proxy agents (which you know as terrorists and they knew as pirates). As such, the Spanish treasury was exhausted and wasted on proxy agent tracing and equipment to deal with them instead of the real threat the Crown Jewel of future Democracy.

This then allowed her to concentrate on her trade and her specific espionage agents which at that time where known as Hassan's after the stolen technology from the Persian's of human mastery in death and stealth. In which the queen's fleet was not as big as the Spanish's by comparison. But her ability to work via economic warfare was historically the most un taught strategy ever. Therefore we take the principle of the idea of Spain chasing the primitiveness and the England working on the technologies of the day. To exam reality of the US Communist Chinese relationship.

The relationship between the Communist Chinese and the US shows the US no longer listens to its Democracy and culture. As the concentration force of the MSS has been to strong on the populace of the US. This was done by using some of The Queen's very classic proxy strategy. So then we saw the MSS force the US away from its espionage units and towards their proxy agents (you call terrorists). As such, we have seen the US's economic warfare agents and espionage units almost completely disbanded. As they where created to search and find these so called terrorist that all of a sudden pop up out of no where and are wholly based on their own, without any support, weapons, or manuals.

Thus the US has lost tens of trillions of dollars in lost concentration on the MSS economic espionage units with regards to their proxy agents (you call terrorists). As instead of concentrating on the masters they concentrated on the proxy. Therefore, we have seen the MSS have the highest economic espionage hits ever. With stats upwards of over 91% hit on all free enterprises that the MSS centrally controlled through the SASAC SOE stealing technology, market shares and strategies from our businesses. As most all MSS agents are specific economic engineers and economic warfare agents. Where the US has started classes and expanded its old economic espionage units. They have instead input primitiveness acts of terrorism and primitive net catching techniques. Which took the US 10 years to catch one proxy agent. Mainly due to the lost statecraft of economic espionage algorithmic coding. Which was a complete drain on the US intelligence units. As everyone knows everything is economical. You need to know how to economically algorithmically code a whole area in which to find things, and pin point things on maps. Which we still do not have for espionage agents. Yet their proxy agents tracing we have that tech for.

As such, we have seen the MSS pour trillions of dollars into the very opposite thing than the US. As they are using us to trace the very proxy agents they are creating. In which they do exactly like the Queen I and only go in every once in a while when they find Extremist Muslims that are not Communists as we have seen on Extremist Muslims groups that are pro Democracy and free market. Asians' just come in then certain tribes die that are not for Communist Muslims theories. I wonder. not really.

In which we do not just see this idea with the US and its quest to stop terrorism. But we see this with India, Russia and the Philippines. In which the MSS have protected and funded proxy agents in those lands fighting for the Communist Chinese Party. So instead of being grown folks and dealing with the proxy masters. We constantly sell out our treasuries expending money to create more proxy agents against us. Which is done by loss of concentration on the root problem (like we did with the KGB). Along with the massive amounts of lost intelligence training in economic warfare and domestic economic building. As we all know what is in our military and governance is reflected into the populace. So if we see a major industrial build up of concentration on proxy agents then that is what the economy reflects. Thus creating an economy based on a black whole idea of it comes out of nowhere. Therefore, leaving our economic foundation with no base. Thus  causing major stimulus packages to leak right out of our economy at over 80% of our economy. Which is because we are not concentrating on the root necessary element of minerals. So we do not concentrate on the minerals of proxy agent creation either. Furthermore, it is opposite of what we saw during the first cold war. As the military and US government reflected major understanding for proxy agent creation and industrial economic warfare. Which this government for the last 20 years has not seen and is not reflecting.

Specifically because of one thing. The Cognition that these people are vague terminology of terrorists. Which was replaced the term of proxy agent. Which allowed the US to see the ones benefiting from the actors attack and deal with them. Instead the world does not see past the cloak and allows the MSS to create proxy agents like the Soviets and US did. While the US creates no proxy agents and just chases the MSS's around. While we do not make them chase ours around. Which means they get to build their proxy agents and economy while the US has no proxy agents and loses its economy. Realization of reality is what it is.

Not all of us are still on the Communist Chinese MSS espionage take, getting fat off the conquest of their single party.
The problem with the situation is the Democracies have forgotten how to fight back via proxy agents. As we use our trillion dollar domestic defense to fight back instead of sleek Democracy guerrillas wishing for freedom against the oppressive SOE's and single party fascists. Taking a domestic defense team in to a proxy I can't even think of an analogy of how stupid that is.

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CCP and MSS are Done US is being sold out.

Foreign Ownership of US Domestic Industries

Through the purchase of important and strategic American corporations, and from insourced intrusion into the American domestic markets, foreign-based companies have built up a huge influence over entire industries. According to data collected from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), certain industries have become completely monopolized by interests overseas.
This data comes from the IRS and is current as of 2002 (latest data available).
Foreign ownership refers to ownership of assets of a particular industry by foreign controlled domestic U.S. Corporations (FDC) 50% or more owned by a foreign entity.
IndustryPercentage Foreign Owned
Sound recording industries97%
Commodity contracts dealing and brokerage79%
Motion picture and sound recording industries75%
Metal ore mining65%
Motion picture and video industries64%
Wineries and distilleries64%
Database, directory, and other publishers63%
Book publishers63%
Cement, concrete, lime and gypsum product62%
Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment57%
Rubber product53%
Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing53%
Plastics and rubber products manufacturing52%
Plastics product51%
Other insurance-related activities51%
Boiler, tank and shipping container50%
Glass and glass product48%
Coal mining48%
Sugar and confectionary product48%
Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying47%
Advertising and related services41%
Pharmaceutical and medicine40%
Clay, refractory and other nonmetallic mineral products40%
Securities brokerage38%
Other general purpose machinery37%
Audio and video equipment manufacture and producing magnetic and optical media36%
Support activities for mining36%
Soap, cleaning compound and toilet preparation32%
Chemical manufacturing30%
Industrial machinery30%
Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investments and related activities30%
Other food29%
Motor vehicles and parts29%
Machinery manufacturing28%
Other electrical equipment and component28%
Securities and commodity exchanges and other financial investment activities27%
Architectural, engineering and related services26%
Credit card issuing and other consumer credit26%
Petroleum refineries (including integrated)25%
Navigational, measuring, electromedial and control instruments25%
Petroleum and coal products manufacturing25%
Transportation equipment manufacturing25%
Commercial and service industry machinery25%
Basic chemical24%
Investment banking and securities dealing24%
Semiconductor and other electronic component23%
Paint, coating and adhesive22%
Printing and related support activities21%
Chemical product and preparation20%
Iron, steel mills and steel products20%
Agriculture, construction and mining machinery20%
Publishing industries20%
Medical equipment and supplies20%