This is an unprofessional Collection cite. That wishes for Speech and Debate with Regards to the topics collected and Special Libraried. I wish for defense of Fair Use Doctrine, not for profit, educational collection. Along with the defense of polemic expression for purpose of creating a dominate point of argumentation. "

Thus, we consider this case against the background of a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials." NEW YORK TIMES CO. V. SULLIVAN, 376 U. S. 254, 270 (1964). I fully believe to be as true as possible for a citizen working an espionage case to be as true to the good name of characters attacked on this cite as defined under acts of espionage. In which their actions supported a foreign country and place the US under ill will and determent as per their actions. These are my opinions based as reasonable to be stated as true in good faith towards reality of espionage activity. With very fair comments with regards to our biggest public interest. I have checked many cites and read many books. To create my opinions and areas of need for further research. I have created my reasoning based on algorithmic economic espionage coding, based on Dr. Nashe's theories of foreign actors using social algorithmic style codes to obtain desires to hurt the USA. My example, I fear is the best example. Is the two characters I have pin pointed for treason of espionage. Which is Dr. Locke and Dr. Van Jones. Both at which had and where able to take the US's newest and highest form of energy. Where instead of helping and creating strength in the US with production and growth. They leaked 80% of our green tech stimulus. Which can be defined under espionage activity, as per my unprofessional opinion of reading espionage cases, with regards to high treason and industrial espionage. Where there is no defense of political view point. As the US is now suffered great irreparable damage. As our green technological industries are not even in a normal US leadership role. Along with the loss of major surplus of manufacturing which leads to the skills needed to find defenses and ideas against to detect and deter green tech weaponization. Which is analogous to the nuclear and physics highest form of energy in the 50's.

Therefore, "The new order was tailored to a genius who proposed to constrain the contending forces, both domestic and foreign, by manipulating their antagonisms" "As a professor, I tended to think of history as run by impersonal forces. But when you see it in practice, you see the difference personalities make." Therefore, "Whenever peace-concieved as the avoidance of war-has been the primary objective of a power or a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of the most ruthless member" Henry Kissinger

The World market crashed. There was complete blame from the worlds most ruthless power on the world's most protective and meditational power. So I responded with: "We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism [The Communist Chinese Party's (CCP) Economic Espionage Units called the MSS] are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them. ... The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a Conspiracy so monstrous she or he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst" Therefore, like Dr. John Nash would probable think: This is because of our lost state craft of tracing scientific coding in the intelligence community of the algorithmic code of the Communist espionage agents. As "The Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from without must not blind us to the Communist [CCP's economic espionage units called the MSS] threat from within. The latter is reaching into the very heart of America through its espionage agents and a cunning, defiant, and lawless communist party, which is fanatically dedicated to the Marxist cause of world enslavement and destruction of the foundations of our Democracy/Republic." J. Edgar Hoover. Which allows the Communist to shape the future and powers that be. As "Our citizens and our future citizens cannot share properly in shaping the future unless we understand the present, for the raw material of events to come is the knowledge of the present and what we make it"
Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves

I am not an anti communist. I am against a governments Economic Espionage Unit funding genocide an terrorism. Instead of trying to stop it. Also this is not an isolationist website. It is a competitive website. Currently the Communist own monopolies on full industries and the root supply chain which is resources. I am trying to get us to compete with them so we can build more market places. In which will slow or stop terrorism, as folks have jobs and something to do. Instead of one country is the world's police force spending all of its people's taxes on fear. While one is the worlds production monopoly.

I mean no ill will to Communist China. I do not wish to hurt their people. I aim to protect my people from an ancient evil of single tribal oppressive leadership. While helping the world compete better be spreading a major monopolized, militarized economy spread their power and wealth via Democracy and Free markets. I have had my life threatened and two attempts on my life already for my actions. Which you ain't seen nothing yet.

You read this cite and trust me baby you can do anything. Read this before a date and you a hero, read a passage before a test and you will pass. That is what they call Illuminati, picked for the ability to move mountains, and do anything.

If you have any concerns or statements about copy right infringement you think is not research. Please contact me at

US Copy Right Office Fair Use doctrine. Special Libary community common law, and Speech and Debate Congressional research civilian assistant. All legal defenses to copy right infringement.

Friday, September 30, 2011

last Republican holder of knowledge killed in a flight over Alaska. Then major Republican state under knowledge less attack.

Currently the Republican party is in a deficit of power. This includes such programs as the weather weapon's programs of the US. As a Republican Senator that was attacked by electromagnetic weapons over Alaska. Which was the last Republican who had access to the program. Was killled. Therefore, we see today, that Texas acting like it is in a droubt is a complete attack on the Republican strong hold in the US. As there is no way with our current weather program that any whole state can go into a 15 year droubt unless the extreme leftist have taken over the weather programs in the US without full scale representation by their opposing party. I suggest full scale investigation into such allegations, as the extremist leftist pushing out all rightist out of the weather program. To Star attacking major Republican state's with the us of the weather program as an unbalanced program. 

Please research. 

Rider I
It is impossible with our technology inside of that base that such a state could ever go into a droubt, unless specifically extremely leaning without proper representation by the right and the Republican party. As a major benefactor of the Texas constituents and their farming businesses.

Monk's Lifestyle is not for me

I just lost my last best friend. We have been going through the process of breaking apart for about two years now. We took the long route as we are best friends. I have talked to her every single night for about 4 years. However, we have grown apart and have known for a long time we are not meant for each other. She was basically my last friend that I talked to daily. Most of my friends are guy's, as I am just that way. It is weird for me to have girls that are my friends if they are not party a social group friendship. Just because I do not want to be friends with a girl and get inbetween her and her possible mate's relationship. As some women like to do and call other men to further upset their current situation. Which I do not like, so I do not want to do.

Thus, I find myself alone again. I was very alone for sometime before I started my last school, job and political workshops. I figure I am just going through my cycle. I am hoping to find a lady friend who is like me and thinks like I do. Who know's. I can tell you currently tonight after about a year of no job and being unemployed. I am very unhappy with my social life. I am happy with where my life is going of course. As I do see great ideas coming from myself. However, my ability currently with no motor and no way to go out to social clubs or even join socities. Makes me unhappy. I am the type of person where I like speaking with folks on things and hanging out. I am ok being at home if I know my best friend is with me. However, beside's that I can't stand the solitude that unemployment brings me.

At first it was ok with my friends. I mean I did not know whether to be happy I was out of a really bad gig, or to be sad I had nothing to do anymore. Then my friends got tired of hanging out with me as the UEI starts to affect my attitude and demeanor. As I am not like them where they have their work or something that creates value for them. I feel bad, and not like a real man. So folks say I can hang out. However, then I get to the point where I do not want to chance walking or taking the Bus anymore. As I mean my neighborhood is nice and all, and I love the folks around here and they love me. However, the probability just goes up and I spent way to many nights as a younger man walking home for hours. While after a year pick ups and rides kind of get a little upsetting, as I can't Designate Drive, them home, like they can for me. Even if I am paying. Which is understandable.

So tonight. I feel the feeling of a Monk. However, my soul is not so content as a Monk's is. I like being around people and smiling and knowing I am part of a group. This is not easy. I mean I really glad me and her are not seeing each other. As it was really a wrong match. However, at the same time. I can see now why folks stay together when it is not a good match. Mainly as I feel now is one of the worst feelings one can have without. Which is being alone, without anyone to hang out with. Just happens. I have been threw it a lot. I could go hang out with family. However, that is not like hanging out with friends. So I sit here upset, probable going to go to sleep early. Wake up tomorrow and finish the collection of citations for a prose.

It is funny how much a social net can really affect one's being.

Rider I

I would like to say to Admiral Mullen as he retires.

His speech made me realize why I always wanted to join the Armed Forces and Tried three times. The pure heart and reality of the love for his family and country comes out strong even in his last speech as the leader of the free worlds strategic analysis department of our military. I would like to thank him and his family for their service and the well places strategies that have helped the world become more safe with regards to radical extremist. In which, there is no more a standing honor than a man on his last day speaking like a true Scholar and a Gentlemen. I was to say at the least most jealous of the stature of the nature of the man I saw in the video feed. Thank you for your service. Please always be there for us.

Rider I
Don't forget to flip them the bird as you go to shorts and baseball hats. lol
Hope to see you on the spy cruise. 

How aqueduct technology in Africa could save more lives.

Currently in Africa there is concentration of area's where people live without any food. I believe from my studies this is because of the fact that nobody teaches them how to find a lot of watering wholes. Then create pipelines and proper aqueduct system's so they can properly drink water and irrigate their lands. The idea is basically, simple there a few folks who know where to find water. However, these folks are usually satisfied once they find one well. Then these wells are all left to the specific people to come and go from. The idea is basic. Currently we have a lot of farming classes going on. Which me and a class of students lobbied for about four years ago.

However, the idea is to some how make turn that knowledge into a common knowledge in the area. Which is the difficult part. If we could somehow proliferate the idea of aqueduct technology and muti areas of liaison's with the ability to properly teach the children growing up in school. We could see future generations learn how to properly create aqueducts. This then is an upgrade to the last lobbied I did a while ago. When I entered school and was part of a productive society. This one this time. I will do to try and get manuals for finding water and creating aqueducts in every school, and farming area that I can. This should be relatively easy to find funding for the manuals. I just found a specific individual who it looks like works to fee the area. I am sure he would not mind funding some aqueduct classes.

This would be a good way to develop a new market place for the world to trade with. As in any economic development, root's start with a simple word from a proper place. Where their roots start from of course is water. Thus, if we call attention to a specific root problem and then address it as such. We can see almost miracles start to happen with regards to the issue's at hand. This is called rootology. Therefore, the simplest form of fixing this solution would be to add to the already existing lobby I did. Which I am sure I can properly obtain the necessary elements.

I have seen folks create straw's for better drinking water. I have an idea of how to create a root that can create food out of dirt with no water or necessary blog ins, more like a protein powder. Still not what we want though. As we need to develop working at least aqueducts. However, what I have not seen is a mass proliferation of ideas of how to produce aqueducts. This I believe if children where taught this and the water finding skill became a second nature. Could easily start to transform hunger into a proper strategic economic algorithmic detail that could develop a whole new world of market places.

I just would have figured somebody else who works on the project would have thought of this before. I mean what is the main cause of starvation in Africa. The lack of food growth. What is the main lack of food growth. The lack of accessible water. What is the main lack of accessible water. The knowledge of how to obtain it. Therefore, like I was taught in my six college degrees to critical think of how to solve problems. If we address the root issue, literally, we can see that the issue will start to be resolved. So in Africa, I have found that the root issue is not the lack of drinkable water, or even the lack of good, but the lack of knowledge of how to obtain water from the ground. Therefore, start to solve this and you will see things happening.

The problem then become's that well's could easily be pumped to areas where more subtable lands are. Which means that funds are needed and proper aqueduct culture is needed to be created.

solution work on it.

For example with regards to my strategy based on other non profit economic warfare strategies. A philanthropist could go down to Africa with a Non Profit and spend millions. However, just to have it gone in a few years. However, with me one can spend a lot less and have much more an impact with the regards. As it is not so much how much you give but what you give. As my favorite artist Bob Marley said wisdom is better than gold. In reality I am wise but poorer than hell, and have one friend who has broken up with me for some other buf guy who could not tell you how to add 2 plus 2.

So then the needs of the proper strategy would be. First we would have to find where all the schools are. Then we would have to see what they are teaching. If they are teaching about aqueducts and indepth knowledge and systematic research into it then the strategy is off. However, I doubt they are.  The idea is in our civil society we teach about computer's as our aqueduct culture is not necessary to teach about. So our children are not an aqueduct culture like let's say Greece or Rome or other Mason societies where their children learned very young how to build aqueducts and it was a common technology use for children. Therefore, if we look at what part some areas of Africa are in as I have been there trying to trace MSS genocidal practices. We see that the main problem is the lack of knowledge of aqueduct culture.

This then would create the next generation of builders in Africa. As every human being would be able to start the proper skill and necessary element to add onto the next skill of aqueduct culture. This is the same idea that President Obama and I had with no child left behind. Where we are starting to teach children at a very young age about space exploration and space mining. Which mine and his ultimate goal is to get everyone to have a space ship, such like it was car. So when we need to all leave we can all leave this planet to the next one together.

The problem is I am not bound for school for at least another year. As I still have to find a job, then get prerequisites done. Then I am going to court two very powerful men who have historically been sympathetic to my cause of stopping Communist Chinese world domination and genocide to fund my Non profit. So I can't do it. Along with that again I am flat broke, poor as anybody. All I have is my ability to critically think and my love to solve problems.

Rider I
somebody needs to champion it
However, we could expand on that to use other things of course. That is just a main stay I see in the areas that are starving. Is ground clay not being used to create pipe's to pipe water's the areas that are needed. Along with populations going to school but going home and not understanding how to get water to create food. In the US grammar students are hacking the Government because of their education. 

How Dr. Kissinger has affected my life in which only a school boy and his elder peer could know.

First of all, any man who spend's his every wakening hour devoting his life and his every thought to his countries major problems deserves my all attention and obligated heroristic idealistic view of my wishes to learn. He has lived a hard life of educated matter's. In which only an educated man could understand. As he fights constantly with intellectual matter's and how to best affect his own countries ability to survive and thrive. It would be my most humble honor to learn why Dr. Kissinger would be so deserving of a life time achievement award. If I would be able to listen to his life stories in person via his personal view point. As I believe some of his strategies are some of the best I have ever read. However, of course like any good pupil. I wish to advance an already great advanced strategies ideas.

In which, I wish to learn great strategies of diplomacy, and the ways of the wise of being able to help out in every major problem in the world with a simple solution. That is well placed and proper inputted to see a resolution that resembles the thoughts and hearts of the minds of the US citizens. Much as the Dr. Kissinger of the stories of his day's. As so much to say that any day was Dr. Kissinger's day. There is no day that Dr. Kissinger's solutions are not seen in the world. From salvation of the Communist from their selves all the way to the basic core principles of government foreign policy of today's highest and wise statesmen. There is no problem he could not overcome. While non that he could not endure the reading and understanding of each book that was necessary to decipher the problem into a solution.

His Demeanor is that deserving of a noble knight constantly on a quest everyday. To help solve on the most troublesome problems of the day. Where even if he could not be there. He knows that there is a Dr. Kissinger strategy waiting near by to assist and to solve the solution that harpens the brightest day's resolve. In which, Dr. Kissinger seems to be the man for the ultimate achievement award. His resolve is that solid intellectual man above geniuses. Where everything to him was but another book to read and to entertain for the solution.

Tonight I would like to Present to you Dr. Kissinger on the strategy of finishing Transitioning Communist China. For the viewing eye's of the special guest of the world's most brightest beloved Dr. Kissinger strategist of world problem solving via governance resolve's. Your Life time Award Recipient Dr. Henry Kissinger.

Rider I

How Dr. Kissinger should receive the all time achievement award.

First I must gain his acquaintanceship. Then I must obtain his view towards the goal of doing such. So as to a strew his current activities. Then I must prove like he has taught me within his teachings that sometimes limited wars are the better one's. So I will play a limited war to win the bigger war. Thus gaining his victory over the all time achievement award. While forcing him to teach me so I can prepare his documents and his persuasion for it. Thus getting my true unrelenting plan to work.

Only problem is I have this problem where I am good at turning my elder's into my subordinate's. In which, in a long term relationship they work for me and my ultimate plan for the Galatic President nomination of the seat of peace and intergalatic relationships.

Rider I

If you want to understand The US history of Foreign Policy for the last 50 years or so you have to read this:


I mean it is filled with great ideas of strategy and one man's fight to be seen as a hero with his readings and writings. He reminds of myself. How important it is to think I am part of every little thing and I must give my idea's to everything, some way or another. I will find a way to be part of that bigger issue solution. Such a cool book. I must refute one of his thoughts though. As I would guess by reading him he would do to his professor, on the other hand he would probable kiss his elder's butt.

"In the world according to Kissinger, it was dangerous for America to abandon one of its commanitments even if the nook of the globe at stake was not, in itself, a vital national security interest. If a "third class Communist peasant state" could beat the US, he wrote in his Look article, it would "strengthen" the hand of America's adversaries everywhere, " demoralize" allies, "lessen the credibility" of the US around the world, and cause other nations to consider shifting their allegiances to the Soviet Union. This emphases on credibility would become the underpinning of his policies when his turn in power came"
pg 120

These thoughts are based on President Senior Bush's ideas that I read about war doctrine. Which again I respect President W Bush's ideas as well off too. I just think that Dr,. Kissinger again forget to take into account economic warfare, if I think like I do he had something to say about it in his old wise ways of pushing his doctrine without actually being there. If I am correct.

I would like to refute this with historical evidence against this point. As such, Dr. Kissinger does not take into account economic warfare when he makes this statement in my belief. This is because, during Vietnam. The US lost more allies via its inability to concentrate on economics. While the Soviet's grew in places like the Middle East and Latin America. While we concentrated all of brain power on one single full scale war. This then allowed the Soveit's to not only gain more allies, but also allowed them to shrink our populace and our economy. Which then caused major unemployment during that area, which caused massive civil unrest.

I will continue here. So if we look at the idea that diplomacy is in a vacuum, and Kissinger hear has forgotten about his own limited war theory. We see that with military in a vacuum. One would still see the proxy theory, to be the overthrowing issue at hand. As if we where to just take the military issue of world leadership of diplomacy. We would see that military with full scale invasion in history still lead's to more countries turning their back on the one looking to be the invader. Even if the offensive is against a proxy war. This is because every country will think that the country at hand has to use their full force to get things done instead of using diplomacy, without pure force.

So let's take today's analogy to Vietnam. Which is of course the Iraq full scale invasion. Which again I was and am all for. I just think the proxy war, limited strategy was the better one to stick to like President Senior Bush's advice stated. So today, we see that the full scale war in Iraq and the US's constant persistence to have more people help out in a war that might not be deemed complete national security has caused the same draw backs that we saw during Vietnam. Today, we see the three world's biggest countries going against the US. As our military diplomatic ties have been strained. Which is India, Brazil and Russia, along with the BRIC leader. Which is analogous to what happened in Vietnam which created the Bloc to be stronger. The Bloc then was the same thing it is now, major countries going against the US via its use of force doctrine. Then as during the Vietnam war when we saw the Soviet's spread out across the world. We are now seeing the Communist Chinese spread out across the world, as countries do not want to do business with us, as they are afraid we might invade them. Not of course off the top, but in their citizen's soul's that is what they might thing, in this vacum situation. Which I will expand out of the vacum and explain more. However, this vacum. We see the US's diplomacy in the world like we saw during Vietnam almost eroded completely. Where very few countries now are willing to take us as the world's economic leader. As they have done more business with the Communist Chinese.

Thus then we expand out and we see the issue at hand is not just military diplomacy when we deal with world strategic diplomacy. We see that military diplomacy when used at full scale force without reluctant to economic diplomacy can cause major imbalances in the US's whole strategic diplomacy. This then ties better into why the Communist in both Vietnam and now in today's full scale war we see them being able to expand massively unchecked in the world. The Communist Chinese have gain such expanistionist issues. As to be able to have the stat of 50% of the world's development contractors being run by them. Therefore, we can see where Dr. Kissinger might have got a little hot tempered and immature with his thoughts on the stopping of a countries proxy agents. Which I have found is his weakness in game playing. Get hist goat and his temper will have him overstep right into the zone. Only a true apprentice can find his wish of a master's weakness. That and his boyish giddyness we both share when reading and feeling so dangerous when being obnoxious to powerful people who go against our ideas. Such a dangerous writing idea.

Along with that I have found my mental rival's I feel the same way he does about his. As if I must keep some kind of stature towards them no matter if they are wrong or right. However, back to my wishes of master of strategy idea of not giving up as per diplomacy issues. I would say after two full scale wars in the US. That things outside of the DOD and leadership play a bigger role than what the one's near the fire would think. I think President Obama has taken into account the best what his people think. I have seen him having read more of his people's ideas than any other President so far, from my guessing. Therefore, where President Obama has had the hard decision to deal with the matter of the loss of US economic and military diplomacy in the world. We see him dealing with it in a very professional manner.

His idea is similar to that of President Nixon. No matter how that may seem. However, much more thought out. I can analogize the cycle affect of our last major full scale war to President Obama and President Nixon. As both had to deal with major international economic market loss, along with major international diplomacy loss, due to very aggressive force issues. Whether called for more this time or not. The hardest part I see about the idea of not finishing or completing a war for specific diplomatic reason's. Is the idea that to me economic diplomacy is more powerful than military diplomacy. As you can threaten folks with guns, weapons, invasion or even defense. However, like we have seen in Iraq and Vietnam, the one's who offer the most economic support will gain the advantage in the long run.

This is my thoughts on Dr. Kissinger's idea of how the US should never back down until we are completely done. Along with that, my personal belief is similar to President Senior Bush. Where folks should fight their own wars. We can help them, but small proxy war's or limited wars are better than full scale action. As we can't afford to help the Western allies keep up their development against the Eastern Bloc if we have to afford a full scale war.

Rider I
By the way I love all of the soldier's in our country and appreciate everything. I have family in this war and have elder's that have fought and died for this country and am very proud of them. I respectfully state I believe in the proxy war doctrine over the full scale war doctrine. Along with that I have tried to join three time. However, reason's of my unorthodox upbringing I was not able to do so. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How competition is the right thing to do.

When one country is allowed to do such things as the German Socialist did, or the Soviet Unions did. We come to a stance of possible world war. So to stop it we have always had to compete with each other. Therefore, what is necessary is for somebody to go and properly use the 1st Amendment to show that they are developing 50% of the world while the rest of the major economies are dying and the one I live in has 1 in 3 counties being economically destroyed through out the country.

Let's take the German Socialist Party. They where allowed to go economically unchecked for a long time. They created the world's biggest submarine fleet like the Communist Chinese are doing. Which the world did not have any proper anti submarines equipment because they did not think they where a threat. So again as I wrote in a previous prose. The thing we did to the Soviet's was cause competition at every point. Instead of acting like we are acting now which is the reaction to the German Socialist world economic and military aggression.

So we have to foreign policies. One is to do like we did with the German Socialist and allow them to use major SOE's, resource monopolies and structured centralization of the world's economy to prepare for world war. Or we can do like Kissinger stated and at every turn, antagonize and realize that every threat should not go unchecked. Which Kissinger then stated limited wars are the best way to go. As if we do not, then what happen's is we go to full scale wars. Like we have seen in history.

Therefore, so long as the EU stands alone in protecting their economy from full scale economic destruction. Then we will see the world as it is. With major imbalances. My plan is to react like we did to the Soviet's when this happened. Which is compete. At every turn. If the Communist Chinese fund genocide in an area we fund those being genocide to defend against it. If the Communist Chinese have a world energy monopoly like they did, we go in and stop it if it is based on a genocidal dictator.

I have this constant fear in my gut. That as I am doing the proper thing. That somebody other there will hurt me. Again I do not wish for war. I am not doing this to cause war. I am doing this as I know the value of economic historical application. The only way to stop war is to compete.

Let's take two beings. Let's say one start's aggression toward's the other's spaces. In which there is no way to come to a compromise without the one aggression having full control and domination of the other. What one will see is the other one will end up hurting the one who is not standing up and saying no. It is natural law. This world has been very hurt by the Communist Chinese militarized economies. Their actions are historically analogous to the German Socialist party along with the Soviet Empire. However, the US's foreign policy is analogous to the German Socialist time. Where we did not see the precognitioned threat of non competition and proper non competition against them.

So I am scared of course. Going against big rich folks and their conspiracies to allow themselves to be bullied as they allow our countries economy to be destroyed. In which they might rather attack me instead of properly dealing with the weak and disloyal in the pack. That is fine I will die with honor at least, peacefully and legally of course. Then the other part is the MSS. Who still think that it is ok to do such things as genocide and terrorism, as nobody in the world can check them or balance them. As we are taking the wrong foreign policy attitude. If we have a military threat, we also have an economic threat. That is the we dealt with the Soviet's. However, the way we dealt with the GS's is that there was a military threat. However, we found no economic threat. As our elder rich at that time where being hostile taken over and they liked being dominated in their business pursuits by such great espionage activities as the SS could provide.

As an unprofessional. I do not think this cite generations enough for a grand jury against me. However, I do not think I could muster one against multiple entities inside of this country for economic conspiracy to destroy the US. Who know's maybe I am the one who has to stop this. Maybe the Koch's will find me not deserving and maybe Kissinger has done away with me already though. No matter how much a smile and handshake from me would matter. It does not matter so long as nobody sees the historical application and world economic cyclical affects of the old fascist to the new ones.

The writing is everywhere. All you have to do is be brave and compete. The weak get folks hurt when they lead. The strong survive.

woo's is me such a hopefulness romantic.

All I have to say if I am under grand jury as I feel it in my gut is. That if I wanted to incite world war. I would concentrate primarily on military aspects and the military personnel. Which I do not. I wish to incite competition and strategic world balance's being re-implemented in the world via such competition and fair markets. Trust me If I wanted war. This whole cite would not speak about economics or fair trade. It would speak about a whole different theme. Fair competition stops war. Imbalance's start wars. My goal is to seek world balanced economic competition.

Rider I
This is horrible scary. I mean all I am doing is writing, but I feel it is so important that I get this soulless feeling in my soul as if I am on trial. Horrible scary, I mean, knowing.

Letter to the Climate Project.

Try showing the Republicans that advancement's in green tech can gain them weaponization defense's and offense manueaver's. You will see your climate message get through if you can show them how much green tech affect's the military future and space wars. Trust me your climate project is nothing without that root.

Since they sent me a letter.

Rider I
P.S. This is reality, Democrat's like Union's and the Climate project forget to address issues that will make their opposition want to listen to them. For example Unions could easily show the Republican's how they stop Communist Major SOE government entities from taking their citizen's free enterprises market shares in the world and domestically. However, that goes un addressed. The Climate project could easily show how advances in the use of green technology will lead to better, faster and stronger weapon's, along with space weapon's and travel. Yet, they do not. I was taught concentrate on your opponent's best power, then turn that against them. Then and only then can you win.

It is called a turn. The last year on the debate team that was all I was allowed to due as my specialty, as I understood everything else. 

So I am starting to get dry mouth. Body building warfare.

I figure that is because of the testosterone pills. So I am going to cut back on the cycle's for a few days and see if any other side affects start to come about. I figure if not, then I will return to the quarter recommended dose's.

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How the US's military currently protect's its enemies economies.

The US currently is doing more protection of its enemies economies than it is doing of its own. Currently Iran, Communist China and other countries in the area that constantly act belligerently towards the US, and fund the one's killing our soldier's are getting more economic benefit than the US is. This is primarily based on the idea that the industry that the US citizens created which is oil and fuel. Is better to be protected, than to allow them to pay for their own protection and deal with their own radicals.

This comes at a two fold cost to the US and world.  First the US is not able to compete in the new form of energy. As we spend more governmental funds on military operations to protect other countries than we do on our own economic advisement's. For example, our green tech industries stimulus was around 3 billion. Because we did not have the funds to stimulate it more as we where paying about a trillion dollar a year for a foreign war that does not help the US in anyway. As we still have major threat's here in the US. Where as the Communist Chinese spent 32 billion on their economic advancements, and India spent around the same amount on its ability to create cheap energy for their economic expansion.

As such, we see that the current US military wipe strategy (which I previously wrote a prose on the difference of blot v. wipe strategy) has allowed the US to fall behind the rest of the world in economic advancements. While we secure their region and they do not even pay us for it. As a matter of fact we take our more loans so we can keep securing their region. This then has destroyed the US's ability for space mining. As the energy we need to get pay loads in and out of the atmosphere and to get to planet's faster, is locked in the natural green tech energies of the universe and how we can harness them. Not using ancient old salt goo transportation.

Therefore, the second prong test is the reality that the US is empowering its enemies. As we protect the governments of the foreign countries from their own guerrillas that they fund to attack us. That would attack them if we where gone. We see them working more with the Communist Chinese to out develop the US and its allies in the world, who are used as slave type muscle to protect that region from its own funding of their radicals. This then has forced the world power to go from the peaceful, wise and protective Democracies to the dictator's mono cultured and the fascist parties of the Communist Chinese satellites.

The reality is that the US has been seriously dooped into some kind of conspiracy where we are every bodies security guards with no pay, like slaves, then we have to pay the bill and they all advance way past us in all types of economic advancements.

First off there is no need for the US to be in the Middle East. For the radicalism under cloak Templar's, let them be they will kill each other off, they are nuts and have no clue about peace. However, hopefully Iraq and Afghanistan are the new current diplomatic shining peace of truth in the region as they are in the middle of the two fanatical empires. Who in the bible are predicted to destroy the whole world over their spiritual vanity. For the anti Muslim's again the more war we are there the more they come here. It is a proven fact, the more the US goes to war somewhere. The more the intellects who hate Christian's and Democracy will deploy to our country to take it over intellectually. As for the other folks who believe we are there for oil. Well if you have looked at the current economic documents. The US has spent way more than they have gained from any business we have done with an area that just will not tame itself enough for the US to be placing its lives on the lines and destroying our domestic economy for. Furthermore, for those who think if we do not stay there and they do go at it. Then the oil supplies will be destroyed. That is not true. There are currently over 100 or so smaller countries developing mines to fight the Communist Chinese monopolies on resources. Which hopefully in time if the US DOD and I's pull their heads out of the sand literally. We will be able to obtain and protect the world from further economic bullying by the MSS.

Along these lines we see the strongest point of  view which is the fact we gather information and deal with them on their soil and not ours. This I have always agreed on. However, the current strategy of using our full scale national defense military at a trillion dollars a year is the wrong strategy. The idea is to cloak and dagger. It is much nicer on the backlash of militia's along with a much better way to power structure as the economy still grows as we slowly and turtly power structure folks to stop any type of domestic aggression on our soil. Which also means I do not think our Embassy which is in reality the world's biggest military base should stay open of course. However, instead of trillions of dollars worth of soldier's we should have business folks and espionage agents. Which is much cheaper and we can see a focus on instead of killing, a deeper vein of allowing the current government in that area to ares as proper connections of intelligence are created. Which allows the current populace to see the government as doing their jobs by arresting and trying people. Instead of seeing a foreign entity killing their people and not properly trying them.

The safety of our children and women will always be under threat by a foreign country it is just how you suppose we are supposed to pay for our domestic military bases to stop it and our domestic agents to find it. When we spend so much money on foreign countries regions. Who are benefiting and literally destroying our countries economy with debt, and lack of advancement in economic areas. Those people will always kill us.

The important part to remember is what Senior said to W. He said we can't afford a full scale war in this country. Historically we have learned from Vietnam. W was very upset and did not listen. In reality nobody did, I did not either, the MSS played a good set economic warfare board game via a pys opts hit. Massive waves they created on that one. Therefore, the best way to do it was like the elder's of Senior and old Poo butt, who did blot wars. Where we allow them to centralize so we can kill them all at once then leave. While resetting diplomacy and embassies and other areas. This idea that our government should be the Soviet's is wrong. We need to be the US's. Where we do blot war's and small proxy war's, which we are good at.

My strategy then does many things. First of all instead of having to shut down domestic bases. Which is what the economic implosion theory wants us to do. We can keep them open, and working against Domestic terrorism. As whole cities have become full fledged Muslims center's for domestic terrorism. Along with this, we allow the foreign people to fight their own wars. Which as we are seeing in Libya it makes them hate us less and concentrate more on their own things, instead of hating the US. They worry about creating a better place for themselves as they are doing it. It is like mother doing the children's homework. Sure they like, however, when test day comes they will be mad they know nothing. Along with that this allows the US government to concentrate more on what is important, economics. Military has always been second to economics. Only countries that have failed have allowed their General's and secret militia's to take control over economics. We then see, the reality is we need to come home. Our country know needs us to rest our soldier's, get those boys in domestic agency and foreign operation agencies, along with a massive amounts of mineral deposits. Let this old country heal from one of its longest war's against that regions proxy agents.

I do not think it will do us any good staying there. The CIA can still collect like we used to. The countries in that region that are receiving all of the economic benefit of our dead solider's can worry about the costs of security, and we can come home and have our government concentrate more on our economic cold war with the Communist Chinese than some proxy war that the MSS has created to destroy not only our country but our allies. Who are currently in the same position as we are.

At the point in time when the US has hit a second, let me say that again, a second ceiling in our economic deficits, and the Middle East has not paid off for us at all. I must say, I worry more about the 15 million citizens starving here at home with 45 million children going cold and hungry during the winter's than I do some folks in a country who wish to allow foreign countries who are no securing them to gain contracts we needed to pay for our military to be there. That is factually. That area has spoken with its economy and value. It either wishes to destroy us by keeping us there and liquidating us or it does not want us there as the US government has not received enough economy to afford the niceisities of staying there. 

The reality is we need to come home and work on our cold war. As that is what economy is all about. Competition to develop the world. Not enslavement to a single country for no pay, and having to take out loans and go in debt, while losing jobs, that cancel out any affect of cheap things. 

What I remember is a government that concentrated primarily on world development and building our economy. Instead of primarily finding some goat herder who is talking about blowing up a US base inside of their own home land. Which that area's government should be worrying about anyways. The idea that if military and militia are allowed to lead like they have been. We will go into implosion. As in a Democracy our countries military get's no economic value from the action what so ever. It would be one thing, if that area wanted us there and they constantly gave us value so we could pay for the actions of helping them. It is a whole other thing to be there out of pure of heart when our heart starts to run out of blood as it is pumped into the waste lands. The Desert People are the Desert People. They have always been that way and will always be that way. If they wished us to stay they would have funded our military to be there. In a Democracy it was their choice to allow our economy to starve to save them, like it is some responsibility of the US people to starve our economy to save their's. Giving your shirt off your back is one thing. However, when we start to go without shirt's and we need one and they do not help out that is another thing. 

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I would like to write a book about my Charlie Wilson style liquidation war theory.

DOD Base closure leads to another economic warfare unit show of suck.

Currently the DOD is closing down bases in Iraq. We have seen them close down a substantial amount of bases over the last 4 years. During this time it is recognized that specific bases that have been closed down have been looted by probable Taliban and or Al Qeada units in the area. This then means again our tax dollars are funding the terrorists we are trying to stop.

The reason why the bases are being left there. Is because of the idea that it is to costly to bring them back with us. However, the suck comes from the improper analysis.

The proper analysis should be that any bases that Iraq Government soldier's loyal to the people of Iraq can't occupy. Should then have proper civilian agent contractors in the area that sell that type equipment disable the bases. So that it does not fall into Iraq Government radical's hands. This would be easy to do: Simple the Government has on both side of the isle of course, citizens who own business that could easily use a proper where the man speaks fast like, oh ya, auction. In which the equipment before the US moves out of it could be sold to the highest bidder. So then the government know's that certain folks that will use the funds or nicesities against them will not be able to obtain them. As the US could hold down the base while it is dismantled. Then the civilian's could take it to a warehouse and the economy could go on its mary way.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How the US pulling out of the Middle East places at risk of attack by the MSS.

The Communist Chinese are not our friends. They break international treaties of fair trade, non genocide, non funding of terrorism and they try their darnedest to enrich those who wish to destroy the US and free market alliances. Along with this, the MSS where so fearful of the US citizen's and their power to concentrate on transitioning countries away from fascist single intelligence run countries with no democracy check. That they had us attacked to force our concentration away from them. DOD Proven documents can back this. Evidentiary lead's to this where to me. The fact that all Communist Chinese intelligence collections by major agent's and agencies openly. Which usually means we are at a simmering time as our agencies and government start to trust our people more. Was almost gone. The last MSS book written about them was right before the attack on 911. Which during the last cold war between a country that own's 75% of its economy. While that country places single political party watcher's and disciplinary members in ever free enterprise or SOE. We saw that every year there was a book being written about the KGB. I though that was weird.

However, as I have had family in our defense sectors. I knew better. As I have read full docie's which was legal as they are mainly dead now from their work. Which should that once a project became bigger than another project they where moved off of the smaller project onto the bigger one. Which is normal for any operation. Therefore, we saw that for the MSS to be relieved and go gain an open check book on the world for their SOE's not fairly operating in economics to expand. They would need to stop the biggest worries of all in the world from worrying about their economic illegalities.

So this next analysis is again backed by DOD documents. The MSS then set up a battle board for us to play in militarily while they economically expanded. Which is called the red hearing strategy. Then they began to use a militarized telecommunications entity to set up operations in Taliban Afghanistan so they could mask further communications of their proxy agents while we where there. How did they know we would go there. Well simple, the fact is we went into Iraq twice, well Bush Jr was known for outrageous parties and events. The MSS where sure it would be a full scale invasion of a Muslim attacked them in Iraq. Which is easy to see. So after the board game was set up. They then moved to have the Then Afghanistan Intelligence Unit well tied to Pakistan. Used to attack the USA. This agent was the only agent in the area trained by CIA operatives and funded by Charlie Wilson's war. So he understood how to work with bigger smarter countries to attack other countries.

The Communist Chinese then made a strong pact with that Intelligence agent. Which was known as Al Queada. Osama Bin Laden had many funds come from the MSS directly into his units to expand Al Queada against not only the US but also against Iran. Then the Communist Chinese directed him to attack the US directly on our home soil. Which they not only did in directive of manual creation for his team, but also in the open to taunt the US and its citizen's. In which he then began the strategy to get the US on the MSS created war board game for them to fight. While they expanded economically. Which of the two economics has always been the more important in history. As militaristic can destroy their own countries via conquest, while economists if allowed to lead will destroy other countries via economics.

As such, we see where we are today. Exactly where the MSS wants us to be. In an economic implosion. Their exact analogous militarized economy to the Soviet's. Has gone unnoticed and even major player's saying it is a miracle, or that they have become a free market. When their militarized economy still owned by the PLA and MSS with Communist Chinese political puppet's has not transitioned as via the legal definition of transitioning. Which means a regime change. So now as we see a lull in the proxy war. As we start to move out. We see me. The entity again coming to open collection showing we are at substantial war transition part again.

As such, it is very feasible to think that the MSS will attack the US again. So that we do not start to concentrate on them again. As we did the Soviet's and their massive economic expansion via illegal militarized economics. We can see the affects' already. As I have been able to gain the attention of major elder's. Which means if I am allowed to create my concentration team of multicultural we will probable be able to finish their legal transition out of a militarized economy into a free market. Which they are no where even close too.

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My fascination with Henry Kissinger

I am currently reading a book with regards to his life. I did not know why I started looking into him. Except for maybe he sounded like somebody I would be able to structure myself too. So far from what I have read he was a moderate wealth family in a neighborhood where he was the minority and folks discriminated against him in his area. That sounds like my life so far. Then I read further. I found out he did major work's on the matter of proxy war's which he call's limited war's. However, my doctrine diffuses from his and goes to what I think is an expansion on his idea. Based on books I have read about proxy wars. Which says that using our military to fight any war except for a defensive war is not proper. In which the area in scope of necessary world development. Should fight their own wars. So as not to threaten our treasury. Where I think Dr. Kissinger's limited war's was a little bit off. We should use proxy war's as the advanced theory from his limited war. However, I can say that again full scale military doctrine like Vietnam, or Iraq has proven both his theory and my theory correct. As where currently my theory is being used in Libya. I think it will shine above his theory.

I believe he is similar to me. I am religious however, take the divine in a different less radical view point. I think from my readings so far, so does he.

I surely agree that his doctrine of using forced or limited wars (the advanced theory of governance of diplomacy now known as proxy wars) has gone unheeded in the world today. This is because, we have seen the affects of the Kissinger limited war doctrine take affect. This is because today we see the analogous to the Soviet's of his time the Communist Chinese; being able to write their own blank check literally with political and economic expansion. This is primarily because of a three prong issue I have created. The issues are one, when a country does full scale war platforms they lose huge amounts of brain drain. Which means all other diplomatic area's, like economics or world development are lost to the pin point of necessary need of the full scale war platform, or what we call today enemy combatant's (which goes against my advanced theory of proxy war's, where every single human has a home, and thus their attacks should be related to their home country for not properly dealing with the radical when they where preparing to attack a foreign country.) The second one uses Dr. Kissinger's view point of allowing the opposing world developer to write their own blank check's. Which is really just an extension of the first prong. However, so important I thought to make it a second one. As currently we can see if we find the first prong we will find the second prongs working along side of the first. Where we see that the brain drain causes the second pron of blank check to be allowed. Thus, we can see how the Communist Chinese have been able to do such things as, patent bully our business, as our government does not diplomatically concentrate on them, via the brain drain. Along with such things as the Communist Chinese developing countries with their SOE entities that develop road's and energy grids. Which allows them to control the areas they develop via specific espionage activities. Along with being the gate keeper's of specific countries like Britain freedom of press intelligence via their Militarized Telecommunications unit being allowed to control the server's, and other areas of management telecommunications. Therefore, the third prong lead's us into economic implosion. Where the country in full scale war, that has brain drain and is allowing its opposition to write blank check's, we see the country at scope under economic implosion. This is because the brain drain stops the power's that be from seeing reality. Thus forcing it into some kind of slave ship to the opposing developer. Which allows only one to develop while the other sinks into debt as they are not getting any foreign treasury.
So I have read this book off and on. I found I like it. I think the elder is wise and I like his life. I like how he did things, being read and sticking to what he liked. I shall read more.

I could even take it to a fourth pronge. Where if one country goes into a full scale war platform. The world will also see economic implosion. As instead of a proper balanced diplomacy of proxy war's. Where all major countries are worried at the hight of national security with economic implosion worries. We see that the world itself when not properly competitive will also go into an economic implosion state. Where one country the non combative one, will be trying to gain all of the market shares that the combative country is losing due to brain drain and its own economic implosion tearing at its abilities to compete via economic development of the world. Thus leaving the world with only a portion its real ability to develop.

It is the Charlie Wilson style liquidation pro's I wrote about. How the US is the Soviet Union and the Communist Chinese have become the US. This cold war reversed so far. Which I am trying to turn around.

Rider I

The reality is that there has not been any Intelligence on the MSS for over 10 years.

My accusations and comments are backed with full scale literature and articles written by professionals
This is an educational cite. Which is just that, very educational. I am hoping to wield this into a professional Non Profite Enterprise. In which I can have many cultures working within one institution to make sure the world's economic warfare espionage agents are properly adhering to the balance of power and sovereignty for each country.

I can only hope the Koch's find me true of heart. That Kissinger will teach me something of value, while the DOD allows me to practice with full intent to be as open as any Non Profit has to be. So they can see every move I make. So there is no problem there. Along these lines. My institution I am hoping will also be advancing technology. As I have found that many economic warfare or unrestricted warfare writer's. Seem to have an uncanny ability to advance technology. Probable because of their thought process not being constrained to the forces of a set strategic area or teaching. Which is done as the PLA has set the New World Order for the game at unrestricted. Which means they wish to play without laws to civility, without laws to proper diplomacy and a whole nature of other things this world's bigger institutions have had to obide by. However, now the MSS wish to not obide by such rules.

So I do what the American's do best. I talk about it, I write about it, and I make sure as much as possible. I find all sides a moderate issue. Which is why I want such a big donation for the MEI. So I can found around 20-30 employees from all cultures. Which as me the head of the institution and DI, I will become one of the world's most strongest congintioner's ever. As it is the same strategy Kissinger used with his very small paper that he sent out to big doggies. However, mine will be a specific element directed to help them with economic problems by showing the attack by the MSS.

As my ultimate goal is to become President of the Galaxy and to properly create diplmacoy between all countries and interspace adventures. ya.

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Letter the Greek Council

Why does not the Greek people look to its economic warfare history. When the Soviet's did the same thing that the Communist Chinese are doing. In which they dumped massive cheap products, held a resource monopoly then forced Greece into a liquidation so it could move into take over it's country via economic warfare. Via its espionage tie's to international financial institution's by Maoist Extremist inside of the entities trying to force Greece to take a liquidation and be owned by the Maoist.
The solution in history. Was for Greece to open up its own mineral mines on the island. Along with that now with technology it can also open up ocean water mine's. Which would make it solvent without help in a 4-5 years.

Rider I

Look the past to predict the future or solve problems that have already occurred.
if you open up mine's, jobs in the area from production and exports flourish. Just like history.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter to the President

Dear President Obama
I would like a full report done on each time the US helps Taiwan be free from the Communist Chinese like we helped the Balkan's. That the Communist Chinese start funding more terrorist and genocidal dictators, while also not following UN protocol against such actions. Along with that I would also like to know how many times the PLA has used COSCO to sell weapons to terrorist in the US around the times the US did this. Then apply that to the Cargo Shops being flown int St Louis away from Port Protocol into the heart of the US.


Last time they did this they funded Al Queada to attack the US. This is proven by DOD documents and open admission by the Communist Chinese Party.

If you go to open gambling halls in the area of the MSS realm. You can hear them talking about it when they get really drunk if you start losing them. Either in Mandarin or forms of ancient dialect the Druids have kept track of.

How the MEI will save the US tax payer's substantial amounts of money.

Currently the US spends trillions of dollars on intellegence directed towards the MSS's proxy agents which is their terror network.

What MEI will do is implicate a specific regime of study and program which will focus on master's of foreign intellegence that wish to fund and help terrorism and genocide. Where the US I's are inabled to deal with as they are so overburdened with the proxy agent watching and intellegence gathering. So they do not bloed us up. So what MEI will do is reroot and deroot specific intellegence agencies in the world that fund terrorist agencies.

This will be done primarily by stopping their SOE funder's of terrorism. Specifically by dealing with primarily rebuttal of books and articles written by their trillion dollar MSS agencies. For example the Book that they wrote about how to destroy the US. Which after they funded Al Queada and gave them proper documents on what to do, and then created an economic pact with them to attack us. They wrote the book in public to smack the US with it. As the US was then attacked by the very person in the very target that the MSS directed him to do.

So what MEI would do would be to read all of their artciles being written. In which we would create specific programs to watch the probability that these things would happen. For example, if MSS pushes to force Greece to allow them to expand their port facilities and buy their resources from them. The MEI's would write documents on how Greece would be able to get out of debt if their own people owned the ports and the mineral reserves. Instead fo allowing a foreign power to take the economic warfare booty from them. Which is what is happening currently in Greece. As per Soviet attacks on Greece in history. Which are exaclty analogouse to the same thing that is happening currently in the world. Which nobody has written or even talked about.

I told the CIA and DOD that they suck so much that I will be watching them very closely as they lose business for not being able to deal with Master's of Intelligence. Just want to make sure they do not pull an MSS and attack me as they start losing market shares for their inability to deal with the master's of foreign intellegence.

Rider I

If I can marshall up the funds for MEI.

Ii was thinking. Instead of investing all 25 million at once and having to wait. I probable would like to gain grounds on a solar walled and roof panel. Along with four corner small wind mills, with a major big windmill, and hopefully as I like river system's a one knot generators. So I figure that along will cost me around 5 million. However, I would be able to generator about probable 3 million worth of energy each year. Which would actually be a better maturity issue of the investment. As with 25 million if I get lucky in a 10% interest I will get about 2.5 million a year. However, with an investment into the green tech field which MEI could own, with as little as 5 million I could gain around 3 million a year in energey production. I would have to find the proper state that would allow me to do that. Then also gain a grandfather clause so they could not change the laws on my institution. As I could not imagine generating 3 million worth of energy then having it all taken from me because of some economic warfare legislation attack against my institution to take our funds. Then I could toll up the tally for employee's up to around 30-35 people, instead of 25. I think that would be a better investment.

That would be great. Then I could cover more cultures and ideological perspectives against the fascist mono culture of the Han Chinese and their single fascist party idealism's of genocide, terrorism and world economic control.

I had a dream about it. We had a nice building with vehicle storage, weapons defense storage system, along with a river generator, a roof full of green tech, office full of offices with different cultures in each room a huge conference room for war meetings and votings, along with a major nice area around the place for families and good schools. It was a great dream. I just woke up and wrote about what I dreamed about. The funds from the energy also cut down on people in the area that went without heating during the cold in that area. So It was a great dream, and laboratories. So if we run out of cognitional war, we could help out in the war on high tech advancement's. So one month we all work on writing war's then the next month we move to updating technology for our government and citizen's. Who could buy the patents off of us to pay for our trips to meet heads of state's. I would like to roll at least 5 deep but that is expensive.

Rider I

My door will say head cowboy Grandpa Mac.

The benefit to society and the beneficiaries will be. The US will have a specific entity that is great at international communication and cooperation, along with advancing technologies for the US high tech industries, along with the fact that we will be specifically coordinating attacks against the MSS's SASAC cartel strategies via specific cognition's against their UN reports that allow them to fund genocide and terrorism to get specific much cheaper resources. Then for the funder's they could get first read or even first bid at the technologies and items we create. We will be more or less a creation place for cognition's and technologies against the fascist MSS. In which our organization will be very well known in the UN, NATO and the head's of state for doing our best not to upset the world cooperation. Except for the Communist Chiense party, as they did fund the world's biggest disenfranchisement of which the CIA had just created peace in the world as the CIA and KGB where done. Then the MSS Funded Al Queada and the world became a world full of hate and anger again. So they will of course be catered to so as not to upset the Chinese, but the MSS full scale cognitional and high tech wars via competition will be fair game.

All employees will realize that because of our high tech, weapon cache nature and specific strength to cognition as a hive, we will probable be under watch 24 by government and citizen watcher's. Most likely under the patriot act if what I read is about what is going on. Which I do not mind. Unless I find the government stealing our ability to cognition or create tech for our products.

Rider I
Multiculturist Enterprise Institute High Tech
Marshallian Economic Institute Cognitional Economic Warfare reports.

It will be my own little JFCOM to rebut the NATO ACT, along with the MSS take over of NATO, as I was to young to stop the take over of the UN by the fang in the Development Department. Which allowed the MSS to force the Temple into some kind of it is ok to use terrorism and genocide to develop program. Which allows them to use terrorism and then us forced to liquefy to find them while they expand bigger and further than the Soviets and US combined, did. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ok so the Middle East as turned into a Charlie Wilson style, Vietnam style liquidation war.

The a place where folks go to sleep and rest was attacked. Which means folks are probable trying to get us to stay in the middle east. I would bet that the MSS are pushing their terror networks to keep us there. That would mean the US would not be able to come home and rebuild. Which would mean instead of the non eye's threatening to kill US domestic bases like he is. He can't threaten the oversea's bases due to MSS push by its proxy agents to keep the US there.

My solution is the best solution. We get back to basics of economic warfare. We use proxy agents like the MSS are and we bring our big national defense military home and prepare fro the domestic defense of our economy by using our military to build mineral reserves, better areas and networks at home to stop the economic implosion.

The analogy of Charlie Wilson's War and Vietnam now to the Middle East is to easy to see. Charlie Wilson forced the Soviet Economy into serious decay as their intelligence had to focus more on the proxy agents and less on the economic implosion agents of the US. While in Vietnam soldiers where paid from all over the are by the MSS to go and fight the US to kill our people by the millions, to shrink our population, so in the future they could eventually invade ours with their's. Which is going on again in the Middle East. They are using the US to kill their own folks and their mortal enemy the religious folks. So when they are ready they can just cruise out with their massive army when we are weakened and set up via economic warfare boards and have little to no resistance.

I am sorry when I say we should realize if we are not gaining economic benefits from the war, then we can;t afford to be there. Rome, Spain, Soviet Union, Persia all these empires where taken out by Druid economic warfare proxy agents. Just like the MSS is trying to do to the US.

My strategy in Libya is much better than the strategy in the Middle East. We spend a lot less the strategy goes back to a time in the US when we just came out of an arse wipe war in Vietnam. Where proxy agents destroyed our economy and our population base. While the proxy creators grew stronger and bigger and more spread out. Which is what is going on in the midle east. We concetnrate so much on it we are not seeing the proxy creators spread out more than the Soviets and the US did combined via their economic militarized economy.

Libya is beautiful for a  war bird. It allows the people to fight their own battles. It keeps us out of the economic implosion equation, along with the creation of radical equations. As instead of us being the bad dictator imperalist in the view point of the 50 percent unemployed with radical clerks, mad as hell other folks are invading their country. We are just refeering. Our solider's are minimal and basically just there when they need help to balance the equation. This strategy is much safer in the macro equation of economic warfare. The middle east is one big arse wipe of a war. We are spread out, cost way to much and the affects of the reality is we have caused more problems than we have solved. As the military units are weak and inabled to do their jobs as they depend on us instead of their own people. As it was not their fight we made it our fight. It needs to be there fight.

My suggestion is we pull out and start proxy wars. Which means the people there will have to fight and be prepared to fight against the MSS proxy agents. Who are using terrorist to get cheap resources. Therefore, I have sent in a full scale proxy war campaign to stop the radical proxies from taken over the middle east from the peaceful people. In which would cost us a fraction of the current cost, keep US domestic bases open, and for the most part would allow us to look to places where we could gain more economic benefit from being there. While also teaching the US commander's about blot strategies and not wipe strategies which cost us domestic sovereignty by weaken our home bases in the US. That is not our war it is there's they should champion it not us. We only make it worse. I am all for it of course. However, the strategy is an arse wipe strategy.

Rider I

How the MSS are now going to set up base around Chicago Illinoise.

The Communist Chinese when they first got permission from President Clinton to start allowing in major cargo via their SOE COSCO shipping. Did things like bring into our shut down naval bases transformed for them to overtake our economy via dumping and anti trust violations, as ride in full scale nuclear submarines into the area. They used the bases to sell high grade weapons like RPG's and other black market items like cyber warfare tools, and even where thought to have at one time brought in nuclear armorements via the same way they brought the other's in.

Today we see an uneducated Senator From Illinois allowing the Communist to start bringing in cargo airplanes. Which was the last piece of the economic warfare invasion, turned military they needed. As per leaked KGB documents in how they wanted to invade the US. The same senator was unwilling to go to India to do more trade. Where our companies are received with respect and no bullying of Patents. However, he was more than willing to go to Communist China to sell out the US and allow in the last piece the need to invade the US. After our people have let their guard down, and their air ship cargo bases are just as prevalent as their naval ship bases. Which both have been caught sending major arms to our enemies, like North Korea, Iran, and genocidal dictators in Africa.

I believe that is because that Senator is part of the temple. Which is very close to being shut down and multiple suspects arrested for international terrorist plots. Like my grandfather did. As he was able to get congress to look into how the Temple was being used to fund and help the Soviet's take over the US by specific economic warfare activities. Which he proved enough to get multiple Senator's, Judges, and other units that where sympathizing and allowing entrance to do such invasion arrested and sent to Jail. Without major suspect to our core interests. We have had bugs in the Temple for about 5 years now and it is believed that we have enough data for our new Venona to take down substantial amount of domestic terrorist sympathizer's. Who wish for the US to be taken over for some kind of one world Temple rule by the Communist Chinese economic power monopolies.

At this point in time I will be moving for my MEI institution. Then if it is granted I will then move for my civilian check against the Temple and its conspiracy against the People of the US, as an international entity which acts like its own government of the world without rule to Democracy.

Of course the Temple could listen to the Prince and his guards, who over see it as an Owl. And the Temple could act like the Sovereign Temple that it supposed to act like and protect the US and represent it, not act like an international political party system. It could properly deal with the Communist Chinese and their funding of terrorism in the world and their massive economic warfare terrorist activities also. Either way, I can tell you I will be addressing the MSS and the CCP and their actions taken during the Al Queda proxy wars years. You can help me and my knights or you can hinder me. It is your choice. However, I am about 100 deep in cognitional security with regards to issues. So hollowing out my room so I fall will not work as it will just make it worse.

Therefore, proven to me and my judicial council of the ancient Druids that created the Temple, that the temple is still not being used for fascism and that it is and has properly adhered to Democracy for each Temple's own people. My ruling will be final. I expect by the end of next year some results, or I will have no choice but to hear the case presented.

The problem is that the UN has been taken over and economically forced checked by the MSS. Our domestic balance and check against possible NATO take over JFCOM was shut down. The MSS are on their way to taken that over. Bases near big places of anti Communist Chinese sympathy have been shut down. Which recently have been proven to be able to have under water under radar cloaked fired nuclear missiles hit and destroy them. The Communist Chinese threaten the US with nuclear dirty bombs from their terrorist networks, every time we help Tawain. Along with that for some reason, places like India, the EU Balkans and Turkey are completely neglected while Communist China who has high domestic stealing of our only competitive advantage our technology, gets the brunt of our trade. So when I say i can and will find against you. I can say I have mounds of data from over 1 million guards of the thrown, which state more likely than not, the Temple is against the US people. Which is illegal in its historical purpose to keep sovereignty for each temple, along with the US people's common law. That is reality, so again like Grandpa I think folks need whoopin's legally and peacefully of course. The big dogs seem to have forgotten about the temple master's.

Rider I
Love and Respect I know the button rungs are very patriotic it is those who think they hide that act with impunity to Druid law of the temple of peace through Democracy. 

The specific expansion packets should have been sent out two years ago to folks.

In which it should have explained economic warfare and what the MSS are trying to do. Which is what we did during the KGB cold war. So as to alleviate any social fabric threat's. Which our country is more worried about developing a foreign land than holding down the fort at home.

Obvious the packets where never sent out. Whole cities and state councils are threatening their city workers. In my area alone there has been thousand of laid off worker's. Which then are taken up by specific elder rich and mutinationalist corporations to run. Which is not fair to the voting public.

The funniest thing is. I always wondered why the US stopped acting like the MSS where not trying to implode us via algorithmic equations.  Things should be resolved peacefully, with proper top of the line dealing with things and not acting like they are not happening because of their life long desires. If it allowed to go this bad to a 17 trillion dollar deficit to where micro areas are full blown implosion analysis threaten the fabrics of their society, with reports of outsourcing a major issue we have already dealt with in our economic warfare history. Then we have a problem.

Everybody right now is upset. We are going through a double dip. Because our stimulus packet had no floor of minerals. Which is now being addressed thanks to my open cite and President Obama  listening to my letter's. So hopefully, folks realize that if they allow folks to feel the burden of reality. Which is each US citizen has about 1 million dollars in debt over their head. The massive weight will come crashing down if not properly dealt with proper algorithmic codes.

I am really worried that the DOD is not properly dealing with this matter. Which is allowing the implosion to happen. As our cities have no expansionist or economic warfare packet's like we did during the last economic war. This is ridiculous. In history folks used to know the exact consequences of their leadership role. .Which small city councils having no clue about macro pressures. Do not know they just go about their normal daily lives. As the DOD has not sent any packets to warn them about the consequences of historical economic warfare attacks on the US via, subsidizes, patent bullying, resource hoarding via monopolies, and then specific high very high level espionage units with massive amounts of funds to get the specific points done.

I see blame in the proper areas. The CIA and DOD are not willing to work with the public and warn our leader's and officials of the dangers of economic warfare. Which can be worse than specific terrorist attacks. As it can cause multiple level terrorism domestically instead of one level straight forward terrorism.

I mean I have 600 pages of reports here that we used to cognition. Back when the MSS and KGB used to run high level domestic terrorist proxy groups and place pressure to get them to act. Like our watcher's the Panther's or Yellow's or the other's. Who when their people felt threatened by the whole acted out as they where upset. Which is what will happen to labor unions, and other groups if they feel like one group is being allowed to own specific units in the government. These reports should have been sent out. I asked for them two years ago. I stated, just because it is open warfare. Does not mean our leader's will read them.

All this Wisconsin, destroying Unions trying to sell out to specific private enterprises, or councils firing whole police and firefighter's making the citizen watcher groups arm up again and go toe to toe on corner's on watching. Is horrible economic warfare department of communications with the countries leader's.

Furthermore, why I have not been picked up and taken to Washington to work with the big dogs, after all the lobbying and things I have got through is again upsetting to me. I mean I am predicting it, watching int, specifically pin pointing areas of concern, I am the best there is and this is just guessing unprofessionally.

I fully believe the clerks in this countries economic warfare department are very enabled to the proper economic warfare cognition's for the countries leader's. Which are just not level three Senators. I mean we all know the Communist Chinese fund terrorist, acting like we are not in econ warfare with them to all leader's just leaves major gaps and weakness. Which they are exploiting.

So next week, hopefully I can get to the Non Profit thing and start the multicultural defense issue as a citizen watcher peacefully and legally as our government is not handling it.

The reality is the 600 pages I read that are unclassified. Is reality. It explains how the KGB specifically used their economy to do such things as economic implosion. I mean it is way to political now an issue. Facts are facts, you can trace a code, the whole thing, watch what happens, then you can predict things. That fact, then the predictions are used to deal with the outcomes. However, obviously our leader's do not see economic warfare as a fact, they see it as more of a political issue. Again this cite is not fact, it is unprofessional. I am no paid and I am doing this Biden my time until I can get hired or get back into school. Plus trying to give back as I do not like doing nothing.

Once I get MEI going I will create a credible bipartisan across the board muticurist entity. Which will address such issue as we are seeing. I mean come on now, Unions, we are a Union, the political parties are a Union, a marriage is a Union, the MSS, still the same folks who killed folks in North Korea, Vietnam, and the ones who funded Al Queada to blow us up, reality to me in my guessing currently. However, as a MEI hopeful I am hoping to create a professional believe properly heavily backed with data and statistics entities.

Rider I

The problem with city councils and the mass load of information

Inside of the I units we have created specific search engines. Which centralize a lot of information. This started secretly then as we love freedom we started to cognition the idea to move it openly. Today we see cites like mine all over the place. Places where you can go and get specific indepth analysis and specific reports on matters. What was once known as an impossible task to obtain all the information on a matter. Is now no more if one knows how to use the internet for research.

However, in a city council matter. In which they are paid very little and their specific agenda is done by clerks making very little. It would be a very good idea to create a list of places to find specific data on economic ideas of how to better their area. As city councils have not only to shepard but also to deal with their day to day lives as normal citizens of the city.

The idea would be to instead of having constant issues with clerks and councils folks unable to get a good idea to better their economy. So then they threaten the people who hold it together. Would be to create an economic expansionist agenda list. In which it goes from a list of things states can do, countries can do, cities can do and even business. The reports should be obtained and properly written in full documents so as to leave way for yearly updates.

I think the US has not expanded in decades economically. I think we are way behind in the world development issue as per our needs domestically to stay sovereign and healthy. This report then should explain to city clerks and councils how to create an economic folder. So each year it can be updated with new places to find great information. For example, when I worked in a law firm. We had books, in which did not necessarily give us all the codes in written paper. As that is to expensive these days with regards to floor spacing as per worker spacing room. As we all know a clerk with a big desk and room to work pile an organize is a happy clerk. Especially for big projects like whole city reports. Where smaller desk's force very bad research reports. As I like having about 5-7 screens on my desk for proper research and report and specific cognitional line creation of ideas. So I have three reports up on each screen then search for specific cognition's that I am looking for. Then each screen can be noted for each area of research. Instead of having to file and un file constantly on my computer screen. I am mustang I like the wild open spaces, anyways.

The Economic Expansionist report could be a specific list of websites, leader's, institutions, and other areas for a specific quit issue setting of needed research. Which currently clerk's have to use books and research that do not have such an expansionist list of things that one would look to to build the USA instead of destroy it. There is no expansionist report.

This then could also include a list of the day's most prominent economic collectors of ideas and cognitional values that where used to brighten the US's economic surplus.

This idea would be great for council clerk's who are under paid and understaffed and have to deal with major issues like the fabrics of society.

That would be another great book I would like to do. The fabrics of societies and the social reports of statistical evidence that proves the specific pin point areas of need to look cautiously on matter's. This report could show historical issues such as things that economic legislation for cities has done before. This would take an already burdensome clerk's day and specific pin point it down to an area they can use and go open page, these are good starts and then go.

I did this when I worked in a law firm. I noticed that the head secretary had trouble calendaring all the issues. As our programs where very out of date and specifically very unpaid for. eh, so I just went and spent money of my own and bought a calendar book that was updated and showed specific electronic government websites where i could find the calendering code for that specific issue. Which allowed me to take a 10 minute project of looking for codes in specific code categories and take it down to about 30 seconds. However, I was doing about 5-6 people's jobs, and so I was always called off, the issues at hand most important. anyways.


So there you go, solved issues. Currently no disrepsect to city councils. But they have no clue what they are doing. I have been in some in the US and seen their research reports and libraries they use. In which most do not know the vast information of wealth and depth of knowledge that we call the i n ter net.

1. Economic expansionist reports for clerks to not threaten their city fabrics
2. Social fabric reports on how specific legislation has affected the city fabrics in historical application.

The best part is i know i work very well. So where we think it is the council folks it is not it is the specific clerks who are writing the reports who are doing a horrible job of due diligently looking for research.

Personally I think two things no person should be allowed to own are our police officers and fire fighter's.

The problem is the only reports going out from my sparrow searches on desk's. Is reports from dark hurst. Who have wanted to destroy the US since they where college students running their mouth for not wanting to stop the Genocide of Democracy people in Vietnam, and the forced minority destruction of the Soviet Union.

So then what you get is clerks using dark hurst thinking it is the only report. However, the hearts of head are not in it yet, as we took major hits when the KGB disbanded via our funding Issues.

If they are going to be sold to an individual outsourced entity. It will be us, as the cowboys from these areas with historical roots to this area. Can muster about a trillion dollars to buy both the firefighter's and the police force. However, I am telling you that it wrong, in this country we have gone through that before, and it is horrible when such fabrics of society are allowed to be owned by individuals or groups of individuals and not the whole that they forces represent. I will not have anything to do with it, but trust me folks are getting pissy already about bad economic leadership.

The problem is that folks forget when they are in their fancy suits, sitting there with their fancy drinks talking money and big business that there is a social fabric out here, and there is a main even that holds it down. Which does not like its major moderate forces being swung one way or the other. Wisconsin almost broke into a full scale war, because folks where getting greedy and wanted to own the civil sector jobs. That is a problem, as per my criminal justice degree education. Which explained in history there was full scale minor wars over who ran the police and firefighter's. I think these economic leader's these days are just very bad and inapriporate for the whole of society, and I think they need my help. I need to get MEI started. so I can send in professional muticlurists, with reports stopping such things.

As the threat alone that our firefighter's where be outsourced to a group owned entity, has called major National meetings and already possible major tensions in the US. Just because of a threat by a council meeting allowing it to even be stated in the room.

It should not happen like this. people need to realize that in major historical cities in the US that their actions have wide spread consequences when they hold power and authority over the fabrics of society. Which create upsetting issues. Which then force major already upset forces into play.

The statements should be refuted and the threat removed from the city councils thoughts. Trust me, I am not party of anything and have always just been my individual self. However, I do know multicultural issues and fascist games, from my learned life, and I can tell you that outsourcing the force to a group owned institution is a bad idea. We have already seen the tensions in the US because of that council allowing it to even be said without a full no way jose.

It is just how unbelievable our leader's of today are unlearned on history of the force, and civil workers. How it has always had to be properly voted for and then it was allowed. Otherwise certain entities in the country get mad if it is allowed to be owned one way or the other. I mean am I the only one who read their criminal justice books who explained about the issue of the force being owned by groups and not the people. It is not political it is a fabric issue.

I wish for peace if anybody reads this please be nice to each other they just said something stupid and major Unions of the force are now working to stop the issue from happening. So just cool down hang out, you know this is not going to happen. I am going to start MEI and the togetherness will come back. It is just wrinkle in a long line created by the MSS funding Al Aqueada to attack us, which Charlie Wilson did to the Soviets.

The council especially in this city should have never allowed that to be said. The People all people own the force and it is checked and balance by the people, not checked and balanced by outsourcing.

How bad is it that a country. That was not willing to properly address the issue that a foreing espionage agency was trying to do what it is doing now. Which is cause civil unrest, which is the basic foundation of economic warfare. Where they cause so much strain on society based on monopolies and SOE's that the society starts to break and heave. Which is basically due to a group of elder's not willing to address the issue and act like no eye's or cognitional slip do not know that if this is allowed like Wisconsin to keep happening as our leaders are not properly prepared with reports to not threaten the force. Then somewhere in the US as it keeps happening something will happen like historically has shown happens when one side becomes heavy handed against the other in a micro analysis setting. You can not outsource the force or destroy public civil servant Unions. That is our fabric that is what holds together.

The issue outsourcing civil worker's and destroying public servants unions has once again become a DOD matter. Just like I wrote two years ago when I stated this would all start happening as via economic warfare implosion theories. I said it two years ago and tried to stop it, now folks don't get it, we have an economic implosion problem here, and nobody dis dealing with it, like we did during the cold war.

Rider I

How the US shows the world it is ok to steal kids lunch money.

Currently the US government is allowing the US children, which is our business to have their lunch money stolen from them. The US business are not big SOE cartel's, they are not mean bullies protected by espionage groups to the 2 millionth power, and backed by government rooms filled with economic strategic analysts. Our US business are just kids, they are playing around and having fun and they enjoy freedom. Thus, we look at what is happening in the world. The US's kids teacher's, protectors, and educators the government of its regulations. Are allowing regulations to allow their business to be stolen and broken a part piece by piece through SOE cartel hostile take overs by the Communist Chinese MSS SASAC entities.

This is being done as high leader's are allowed to under go full scale economic warfare. In which specific thousand man and women groups are created by the MSS to fully envelope the specific leader of capital to make it look like they are not being bullied but just paying a cost for being in the world. These teams are so proliferated that it is not easy to see. As it becomes that everything the capital leader sees in months coming up to the specific targeted date by the MSS economic bureau of strategic date setting. Is done so well it just looks like a normal day.

The US has no, I mean no economic warfare core to refute these types of actions. As such, the US allows its children's in the world's hallways, its playgrounds and its class rooms to be bullied by the MSS forced giving of lunch money. Our business lunch money is the only thing we have. We do not have mineral mine resources, we do not have cheap labor, we do not have fascist military economic set standards and strategics. All our children have is their ability to create technology based on the cognitional creation of a free market school system. They are starving out there and it is all being taken from them. just because the US is to scared to stand up the bullies and stop it, or even direct our business away from the economic warfare terrorism of Communist China to another countries trade markets that are not bullying our children.

There is no pys opts to tell them what is happening and has happens to them is wrong. To stop physical mass retaliation for it. There is no teacher to hold their hands through the hall ways so that feeling inside of them of hurt and pain that scares each day in the hall was subsides. There is no parent when they come home to hold them after being so scared each day of a group of children that might hurt them because they are not as powerful in a group as they are. Nothing for our business, not one ioda of any help against the Patent Bullying. Our business are shacking and crying out and nobody is coming to help them.

Rider I

Saturday, September 24, 2011

In a World

Currently the US is under major dark gloomy cloud. Which was placed there by specific MSS economic warfare game boarding. Which is analogous to the Charlie Wilson style liquidation war of econ warfare board game move of the Soviet Al Queada move. Our whole country has turned to look at the proxy agents. Which destroyed internally our basic structure for economic warfare against the Communist Chinese militarized economy. As this is the most important aspect of anything.

Economics runs everything. If you lose sight of it, allow somebody to redirect you away from it. What then happens is the entity that lost cite of economics becomes a dark place. This places is what we are seeing currently in the US. Everyone is attacking each other. Except for a few Leader's in states that are shining like a light. Some Senators are never at home. They are on the road everyday to a different country trying to get their economic basket out there. In which I lobbied very hard for every leader in this country to do. As we need to expand. We also see other Senators doing things like placing a floor in their state so business want to come and invest and actually stay in the US. They do this by opening up minerals companies need to build things.

On the dark side of the moon. We see that the majority of leader's are doing a horrible job and just attacking their own people, like hyenic lemmings. Which is a group of rapid dogs that just follow each other over a cliff to eat some lemmings. What they do is instead of looking outwards, the implode their own area with dark deceit and cause major damage to the social fabric because of it. Therefore, what we then see is our social fabric like officer's fire fighter's the people who are set in stone or should be as they deal with our most valube things. They set the mood for the area. When they go out when they enjoy life and the things they do. If they feel threatened then the whole people feel it too. Not as it is their fault it is just a natural affect to the economic warfare board of economic implosion.

Therefore, when one sees my cite, and if they can make it through it. They see I have gathered what ever Senator is doing and the things I asked folks do to for a long time. In which I then put them all together and create a simple strategy for each leader to follow. Which is expansion of their area not withering so the MSS can get the affect they wished for when they made the Economic Pact with Al Queada to attack us, like Charlie Wilson did with them to attack the Soviets.

So the proper thing for a governmental agency to do that would be an economic warfare department. Would be to create an logical explanation how states can get out of deficits or even how cities can properly solve their deficits with many ideas for polices. Which is one thing I want to do in my Non profit. As the sheep are lead by sheep the wolf will eat. If the Sheep are lead by a lion the wolf get's eaten.

So the solution is to:
Take an evaluation of all the US's great economic leader's currently. See what they have done in their areas. One mayor I sent letters to. Had a very good plan and had the highest ranking on my search of job creation by basically protecting her industries from foreign enslaved countries.

Another Senator opened up a bunch of mines in his area and he became solvent very quickly.

Yet another Senator started major renewable energy camps to get and their state is solvent.

Another one if I can remeber these things, as thoughts come and go that is why I need 25 people to delegate. As I think while I am working on the bigger picture and can't do it all.

The basic idea is a list and explanation of the current best US economic leader's. Senators that did certain policies that worked. Cities that did certain polices that worked. I can tell you the city I live in that is threaten fire fighter and in the future with that mindset police units. Is the worst thing you can do for economy. Through reports of areas doing that, corruption ran rampant, business left when they knew it was going to be privately owned, and the city went into major economic devastation. Based on the cities that fired their police and firefighter's. Which is happening currently.

Which is not political it is statistically logical.

Statistics are not political they are fact. However, statistics are impacted by politics.

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