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I mean no ill will to Communist China. I do not wish to hurt their people. I aim to protect my people from an ancient evil of single tribal oppressive leadership. While helping the world compete better be spreading a major monopolized, militarized economy spread their power and wealth via Democracy and Free markets. I have had my life threatened and two attempts on my life already for my actions. Which you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Void filling if that policy gets through.

Let's see we have 15 million human beings. Of which each day they are unprotected and their mental and physical health deterioration as most will do nothing if not directed too. Therefore, I agree with the Swiss or Swedish way of welfare if we have to have it. Which is not to give them our jobs that are already very difficult to get. However, to fill the void of society that is not being dealt with.

What is the void. Currently in the US, we have such areas as our forest are very unmanaged and could cause wild fires. Our road ways are horrible taken care of. People in this country without jobs just through their trash on the ground and it sits there for months. They should pick it up. Artist love to paint in public but it looks horrible or run down and it needs to be updated or removed. Along those lines folks need their kids watched, kids do not go to preschool as folks can't afford it. Anybody with a Bachelors degree can teach preschool.

The void currently is our social jobs. For example lets look at social workers. They case loads are massive. I mean if we take a few unemployed that meet the qualifications to learn how to help them for a short time. They could use that experience to get another job. As it is a good resume builder. Social workers case are so bad sometimes the Social worker just lies about going to see the family or probationer. Anybody with a good temperament and a history at a good job can do what a social worker does. They go and speak with them check on them and make sure they are alright.

Let see other places that need work. Janitorial services for public utilities. Folks can go hang out with them and help work on them so they can get them cleaned. I do not know how many park bathrooms I have been in that smell like pee and have graffiti all over them as the park ranger is not willing to clean them.

I am all for the idea in social government programs that are run down. For example take our court system. I volunteered for a short time for a legal program. Where all we really did was make sure they read the document and have an attorney teach us the documents so we could in the future teach the people that come in. Which allowed the attorney to work with major cases. We could use thousands in there, and I was not getting paid for that. I mean I do not know how many people I spoke to that was so relieved to have somebody there that had some kind of clue of what paper work to fill out and give some advice on what to do. If they qualified for poverty help. I talked to some folks who basically said the rich person messed them over as they could not afford an attorney. I said you do not need one. Here is what you need to do.

Along with that I think personally if folks are unemployed and gaining funding. They should have to work or go to school to learn something new. Like engineering. If we had folks going to school to learn engineering we could be the smartest country in the world. On the same hand I am for a very short stint of help around six months to a year. Most all people should be able to prepare to get out of their homes, and get rid of their high bills like cars, and cell phones and other issues in six months to a year to down grade. After which they can take a much less paid job if need be.

For example me if after the next two months I do not get a job, I am going to school. This is driving me crazy. You want a pay check work for it, go to school for it, earn it. Personally the crazy driver about this UEI generation is the idea we are so lost, just upset and at the same time receiving enough to be content with it. They go look for their jobs, send our resumes come home and nothing.

I looked into becoming a parlor officer and a social worker. As I like helping folks and think my personal life with all of its adventures and trials and tribulations can help folks get on the proper path. However, they told me the case load is impossible, the idea they can help even a fraction of the people breaks your heart, as nobody gets the attention they need from the helping hand.

There is no better a resume builder than I learned how to be a social worker over my unemployment. As all jobs will agree that learning how to work with life's most difficult people is a great thing. So that is a good idea. However, in the private sector I think the policy will destroy opportunity. I think unemployment will go up. I know employer's most are at the bottom line. Which means if they can teach you in less than two weeks to do your job and it costs them less to do that. While keep doing it each time their free worker runs out. Then they will do that instead of hire. If anything they should have a once a year or twice a year go at it.

Which then they need to figure out how long it takes to train each person. So if it takes one week to train how to do clerical work. Then they get one week of help. If it takes two weeks to learn how to wire a house. Then they get two weeks. Personally again I think they should have to stick to government sector social work, and not the private sector as they will use it.

The idea is our streets are dirty, our walls are dirty, run down bank owned buildings need to be upgraded and the bank can't afford to do it as it costs to much. Those voids can be filled elderly people need food and folks to hang out with, homes are run down, folks need groceries and errands run for them. These are the things that unemployed people should do to fill the void. Mental patients need somebody to play cards with.

I think it should stick to societal work and not private sector work. School or societal work is what I think as a citizen with a lot to say.

The idea is to fill voids not cause overfill. Along with that you can have all the unpaid work you want. However, if there is not enough jobs to go around, then unemployment just goes up and more employers realy on less paid workers to get work done in the US. For example, I did about 4 people's job in my last job. As I was the mule for the transition for that attorney. Which now he just has a simple small lady style firm. Cause I did all the transition work plus the work I had to do daily. So then what happens is you get the I really want to work here syndrome. Which I had for the first three months until my upgrade in pay was called dribble after I showed up on time every day worked overtime and was on call whether on a date with a women or not. In which I was not able to buy a house when the market tanked like I though I would and I would ahve been able to selll it back right now and make about 100,000 on it. So my employer cost me 100,000. Then I did not get my raise for another 9 months in which I turned in a 75 page report stating how I was underpaid.

So then what happens is you get the unemployed working three people's jobs. So instead of making unemployment better you get the I really want to work here syndrome; which makes it worse.

By the way I lost my LSAT score because I worked so hard for that raise, thinking I could have bought a home then sold it three years into my career to go to school.

Then my manager farted as we walked away and I made a joke about it even though my life was just poo on and my manager who was of the best I have had at keeping people in that environment made me feel ok. Then the last straw was when I saw the employer do such things as not pay folks who worked hard. Then my vacation hours where gone for four pay periods. The first I said nothing, the second I said something. Then the third I stated my rights, The fourth I was let go as my rights where backed with Senatorial contacts and legal codes. So personally I think working unemployed who want a job that bad will lead to the I really want to work here syndrome. Then the last day I was to pick my check, the man who they hired a week before my vacations hours went missing. However, with the mens rea I had collect on them it was stolen to me. especially as it took me less than one hour to figure out the whole equation and state here you go I sent it to them please place them back. But they drove me hostile. Anyways the man they hired to replace me paying minimum wage. I taught him everything I learned in two years in less than one full 8 hour day. That is another problem. I did the right thing, i wore my cowboy boots and my crown for throw down, and I was paid my vacation time and unemployment so I settled as that is capitalism.

The problem is with me I have a big heart and so did the old man I worked with. He just thought he could overpower workers because of his knowledge. He was wrong. So he gave me a good letter of rec, my UEI, and I was laid off, and I did the right thing and taught man everything I learned in sweet, blood and tears over two years in less than one day. Oh well I still love that old fugers. I have one month left to sue him and I think about it sometimes. But I still think he is fighting the good fight so,

The best part is I think about doing to him like he did to me. Which is get him at the last minute, as I got two speeding tickets because of last minute fillings or the case was lost. I think might wait till the last day then file a real horrible petition to see what his case is. Probable not he was like a slave driver but he was like a father figure to me, even though he did literally capitalize harshly on my labor twice. I lost 24,000 in a car to that man's enterprise, then 100,000 to a possible investment  which was solid and perfectly planned and the condo';s I could have bought for $50,000 are now worth around $270,000. However, I have this heart that I just can't callous over for folks who try.

He knows if I did that the chosen one does not sue he sow's. So I think he would settle.

Mother fuger taught me how to work on all of this systems. Then thinks I did not read his emails to the accountant to take my poo. Along with that when hes fuging was doing it to others, I did the accounting mother fuger did not pay people and he had tons of green.

old fuger. That email along I could get back a quarter of my lost investment via ethic's alone. If it is true. Not to mention what I can sue the accountant for.

I mean how fuging dumb dumb. I was like really man, you think this happens and I will not use the codes and passes and IP's and everything you taught me to check you. It took me one hour to figure it out. Then 8 weeks later I get it back. No mother fuger. oh well poo happens and I am better man. Plus he let me watch his kids, hang out with his friends, and most of all I saved his arse with my gun on my hip from a far away land. So it was good times. Even though he did also fug up my middle name for me too.

The calling my life dribble mess up my relation with my girlfriend for every she is gone, that investment is gone, my car I spent 24,000 on is gone, my life long savings is gone, and dumb fug me, I can't attack him. I love his kids and his wife. I would kill that man's whole career. I just can't do it. He is a great man, dumber than a door nail but hey so I am.

I guess it is the christian installment of my folks and family in my heart. I am ok, nobod is hurt. So no need for all out economic warfare against the man.

Rider i
besides that he is an old fug I would bad beating up on em.

The funniest thing was I told the old fart who my family was and who i was. Then the day he started econ war against me I will never forget, I kept a music sheet, and I was able to predict every note. From hiring a cheap to replace all the way to taken what was not his. It just comes naturally to my folks, seeing and all. Oh well learning experience. Plus I know he will give me a good say so for the law school issue. I even had some attorney's sing declarations to certain econ war music notes, then I had whole firm sign somethings that they admitted too. Not my fault the man did not do for, I just covered my arse.

I will never forget the way my heart felt. I mean I have seem some poo in this world foreign governments slaughtering innocent while I hide and watch so they do not kill me, whole bunch of stuff. But that day when I had planned to buy the girl a rock and a home, for our future investment. and I am told him about it and he said I do not care about your dribble. After which he knew my family was one of the ones responsible for taken down one of the worlds most tyrannical regimes ever. It just felt like I had done something against an innocent.

oh well that is capitalism for you. Fight sometimes other times not so much. This time not so much. I need his appreciation to get my bar and through law school. As he will probable be my only ally once I get done going after the rich and the Commy landers. sucks for me but hey, poo happens.

Old fuger, money is money, that girl if she loved me would have stayed close, but that old fuger and that relationship is very valuable to me and my need for knighthood. So I do the honorable thing and not attack and bow out. Don't worry about it.

He probable poo himself as he read this. I am good at that.

I remember the time he was joking around at which was my first three months in the job and I was squeaky so I could get the rock and the house. He said something like I will shoot you. Then I walked in and said, I am trained in sniper rifle's dueling pistol's throwing knife's and by the way my family is. He just laughed I said, ya.

I had a lot of fun though. The best time I had in the end part of my second year when I had started making econ war notes on his movements. He called me when I was on a date, with the girl. I went as it was my duty. She was in the care screaming at me the whole time how he over works me under pays me and how I should have got that raise when the housing market was low. As I wanted taht overhead of a lady waking me in the morning to go to school coming home and worrying about the bills. Then we showed up, he said high as he knew her from other events. I said to him she hates you right now. He laughed I said ya, she ducked and hid.

Those days I knew every case. Then after four extensions and a sanction letter from the oppositions and a call from the Judge. I would get the document from the attorney then I would have to jet in. i did not mind, I like the driving part. I just wish I had more time on the matters. Best part was it was at the end of the day in traffic, or early in the morning with a 7 hour drive to the courthouse, with hopefully one hour left to wait in line to file it. If I was lucky. I always made it though. cause that is me, no matter how stupid my justice was to the client.

That was in the last days when courts still did not except electronic filing. I was one of the last cleric rider's. Trust me I heard stories of folks breaking down car's, speeding tickets to the ceilings, attorney's firing them because they could not drive their car around after drinks with folks, because their speeding tickets where to many for them to drive their car, even though the speeding tickets where for them. So I thought only getting caught twice was not that bad comparatively

I remeber one night, it took almost five hours from twelve to around five to eletronically file these case documents. I just remeber coffee, paper, scan, file, coffee paper, scan file. Then we got a letter you can't do that anymore you have to bring it in. Then I was like great more speeding tickets.

Not like they could actually strategics the work and give us a heads up. Not I had dates with my girl and then all of a sudden she is on the phone stating after two years I can;t take this no more I am leaving you on a date with another man. Oh well. I like work. Here is the best party. I even told him that I could get to intern's to lighten my four person job and then I could do two people's jobs and manage the case dates and due times if you would just give me the wipe to get rough drafts in two weeks early to make sure they where roughed and properly strategical for future documents. I mean you write one you have to think about the future ones.

I had fun, those where the day's stress out and running on fumes on the last minute.

The only thing that I cried myself to sleep at night was. The fact that each day I had to go back to a blunt entity. In which strategic sharp activities down to a point with strategic meeting and specific early date meetings and relief of stress was never received, no matter how much I sent in documents to them on how to get the firm to run smoothly on time and sharp. So I just gave up and became blunt like them.

I mean for me after my colleges paralegal classes. A firm should run like clock work, with only the research and analysis part being different. Everything else clock work. Issue comes in, we research, clerical workers do clerical work as needed, we know when big filing dates are as per due dates on the research, we get clients in they get weekly feed back on their cases via the secretaries and a whole list of things I was willing to update. However, when me and the manager would try and implement protocol. He would just run us crazy and do this do that last minute so we finally just shrugged it off and ran wild with it.

The worst part was we had just started to get down a strategic path like we had asked for two years before he implemented econ war on me. I mean it was getting nice, attorney's got the point to turn their work in early, things where running like clock work, and then new hire's instead of moving me off the rover chair and into a straight seat, my seat was just gone. Then replaced as all the hard work and crazyness of catching up from his transition was done. So instead of giving me an easy seat. I was booted. I watched my father go through the same thing his whole life like that. Starting up trucking companies, then once they where running smooth thanks the hoarse, he was gone too. It sucks, so I am going for my own firm, which will be strategic like clock work. Along with that I do not sue I sow. Which means there is so much more to legalities than just writing and research. I mean the whole game is so massively big. We just barely played the fundamentals.

I remember he could not keep workers for nothing. One guy even died from the stress. I was told the manager he really needs to listen us and create strategy. We finally got it down. I demanded as the manger left because it was to stress full. That we have a meeting about it. Then we got it down, however, I still was rover and having to due strategy. I did it though.

I built his system. I filled it and created it for him, and started it from scratch. The system was based on his way and how he wanted it ran. I said it was not efficient he stated just do it. So ok. I tried so hard so many times to get him to have weekly meetings, weekly updates on strategy and team work. Yet it was wild hoarse crazy times. I bet now that hoarse the whole system for him it is a lot easier. I mean the firm was filled with boxes and material from as high as it could go. I would have to search for things then, search for codes and reports then write briefs on cases, along with file and scan and be the main phone answer.

Woa, I remember how I thought of it though. I was like ok, so I had to do a lot of jobs in my life. Comparatively to being the floating legal secretary to the others it was easy, but mentally it was still easy compared to some folks in I think about it in worldly thoughts.

Just wished I could have been there more when I finished the hoarse work to work it as a strategic firm. I mean, I always heard about these firms that where like perfect firms. Strategic in every way. Each choir had a person working them. The funny thing was my attorney had a firm like that before the skeleton and skulls had to help him. I had to move the whole firm 13 offices 19 cubicle's in one weekend with three guys. It took a long time and of course it was the last weekend we could move it. So we worked 20 hour shifts all three days until the sun came up Monday. I just walked in and said oh great, I get the skeleton job, would have been nice to work in a strategic firm with enough people for the jobs.

I was like do I have skull and crossbones tattooed on my head why do I get these jobs. I remember when the one guy died from stress. I was like woa, then the other ones I mean a lot could not work there as they all stated this is not worth what they are paying. I was like I would not know I worked my way from the janitorial position and truck thumping and cite seeing into a law firm, so this is what I know. Then I would walk into other firms and see the cool air conditioning, women with their fancy clothes, and I was like oh poo. This is what I thought I would be doing.

I just remember destroying three suits. I thought I was going to be a paralegal not a leather man.  Darn leather man positions I always get. I just want a job where it is normal and I can be in. Oh there was this one girl who was the perfect match for me, loved the same football team cute, loved the outdoors total redneck type, and she moved to a firm that she said was a dream. I mean ac, kitchen nice folks, desk, I would have gone nuts.
I mean I have never worked a nice job. I always thought after school I would but never have. I would not know what to do. I mean all of my jobs have been very hard and crude.

The idea job for me is spending time in an assignment like school. Then getting to meet folks and speak on problems, then going on field trips and then getting back to the office to spend time with a team with regards to problems. Strategically of course, cause there is less stress if we have a plan. However, I can always fly off the cuff.

One time I was sitting at a job that I had to do before the last one that was grave yard. I was taken a smoke break. Then I looked up and saw somebody standing on a balcony that was not able to get to, as it was fancy balcony. Then all of a sudden the person should me their teeth and there was fangs I said woa pulled out my key ring and placed it in my fist. Then he or it literally looked like it flew up into the night sky. I have worked the weirdest jobs ever. darn it. weird. I always thought that the place near by that I was suspicious of had a weird feel to it when I would walk by when I got out of the bus. Grave yard shift is weird enough.

I remember the ac we did have at my last job. Was just a vent that dumped right on my head. just a big open vent two feet wide, dumping right on my head I got a lymph node infection from it. I even had the guys come out to fix it and he would not do it. They where there, I was like it got me sick. Then I guess my body just got over it and i never got sick again. But when it was one it was freezing and when it was off I was burning up.

I figured out how the man flew away that night. like I was taught by my elder druid grandpa before my dad stopped me from finishing my education as a Druid. The ability of the human body to create electromagnetic impulses is the best in the world. Our body is the best creator or electricity. So if the body could cognition par of the mind to be able to grasph the molecules in the aira nd use the electricity it produces to swim through the air like water with the electricity then he could do it. Then told the elder's I think the Pope said high to me or a foreign country sent a Saint Watcher. The said do not worry about it, did you run or stand. I said I stood. I just could not figure out how an human entity could control its electromagnetic that well. However, my grandfather before I was taken away and stopped my training stated he could teach me to fly if I had the control that was necessary.

I figured out the equation of how he or it flew because I think my grandfather did something like it when I was a kid. He told me never to speak to the Chinese until the Soviets are done. In which time he stated what I have already written which is that more likely than not will not see them as a threat but they are a bigger one than the Soviets are. So one time we where out, when I was supposed to be at the library skating. He saw a Chinese man. who did not see us. Then he said be quiet and he grabbed my hand and goosebumps for the longest time I have every felt went through my body. The man walked right past us and did not notice or even act like we where there.

The idea is just like data flying through the air with a cell phone. However, human. It is the same concept I am working on with my time travel ideas. As we can transmit big chunks of molecules in light across the room. And we can produce human organ through printing machines. So my thought is that I can take the idea that my grandfather showed me when I believed he masked us from normal vision, and the entity which tested my heart in battle. In which I can then use it to show how a human being can fly or levitate itself, if a weaker control entity.

The idea for time travel is that everything holds a memory even the universe. Our skin, our brains, or toes, or hair everything holds a memory, rock, dirt. It just depends on how long. In which I do think we can travel through time. if we can transport things forward through time. There has to be a way backwards. if a man can fly on its own power, then I can do it.

Rider I

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